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  1. Are we doing the Wednesday night endure on the Gordon wally memorial track?
  2. And a little ripper of a track it is too I'm looking forward to this need to sort out a team and an esky full of vb tins
  3. Yeah she ended up with more hits then Elvis by the end of it but it was still as good at the end as it was at the start except the body issues that f*#$(d us a bit With out those problems I think we could of finished further up the ladder. Mitchell did a top job on killing the track and marshalling top job mate
  4. Ahhhh great I always enjoy beating carace as long as I'm teamed up with the other matt
  5. Hard part is going to find some poor bastards to team up with me
  6. Cheers mate I can't wait to get it back on the track
  7. Looking for a replacement chassie for ford sierra model c3740 cheers
  8. 460cixy

    Hi All

    Don't mind a can but it effects my racing hahaha but top relaxed bunch of blokes out there I love it.
  9. 460cixy

    Hi All

    I'm the fat bloke that's surgically attached to a green can
  10. 460cixy

    Hi All

    Cheers mate do you race at way2fast on Wednesdays?
  11. 460cixy

    Hi All

    Hi everyone new here just getting back in to the hobby after a long long break
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