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  1. All good mate wont be able to make it only have p68 which used to race with gt40. If not gt have not got any other choices. Thanks anyway maybe another time.
  2. Hey Phil working back in Sydney for a few months would like to come to your enduro. Im heading back to Coffs this weekend going to bring a couple of cars back down. I have not looked at my cars for 2 years does nsr mosler or p68 fit or should I bring slot it porsche. Be good to catch up again. Christian
  3. Kalbfellp relax enjoy peoples work without having to give history lessons as the post says "always wanted to this". Beeles51 thanks for sharing they look great.
  4. I echo Yngwie and triggy. If its not broken dont touch I was taught. Lowest points for not tipping is a better idea if any as with default you could theoretically win with only tipping once,
  5. thanks Gary. track looks great. is it drivers left to right?
  6. well said cam. not a fan of joining every forum on the net.
  7. nothing more enjoyable then having a stable car in control and having the nerfer go flipping off the track while you proceed. in the end though if you overtake on the outside you have to expect it. if your fast enough to catch someone you should have the ability to pass under braking or on the inside. cheers Christian
  8. Hey not complaining with all the work you put In but I was on 46 points after Bathurst now I only have 19 and round results missing. I'm not going to win but trying not to be last. Thanks
  9. Thought this might help. Earlier LH square headlight had small slr5000 decals on the front guards and right hand side of rear spoiler black stripes on side and rear spoiler colored bonnet. Later LX round headlight had black bonnet and large slr5000 down both sills and spoiler. Currently building an LX replica 1:1 and have just travelled down this road.
  10. have recieved this message too. clicked on it but antivirus flagged it and i cancelled very suss as there is no pro,otions on Auslot
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