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  1. Hi all, just a little note to say that Penrith slot cars and hobbies are looking at starting up some circuit racing this year with full points racing to begin next year. Daniel has taken over the day to day aspect for the most part and since we got back to Sydney we have been helping with some ideas for the drag racing and circuit racing. They have the plastic carrera track at the front that has been cleaned and fixed. They also have two routed 8 lane tracks (the layouts are not super complicated) and they are about half way through building a flat 6 lane oval. the initial idea for the oval is what ever 1/32 cars to run and then either hard body or plastic body 1/24 nascars (there has been several built already running on the road tracks). There can be late models, modifiers or sprint cars down the road. For the 3 road tracks Daniel wants to get some racing going so if anyone is in the area that would be interested in the track hosting some racing, I am sure Dan would be all ears, I know Dan has his ideas but to get it started, running what is popular at the moment or fairly readily available so others can join is the plan. We have discussed slotworx cars but at the moment the supplier has no stock. we would love to hear what others are running at other tracks at the moment. As for racing days, it used to be thursdays, we have discussed some Saturday afternoon kids racing as well.
  2. The Date is September the 12th, 13th and 14th 2014 at Penrith Slot Cars and Hobbies 25 Altair Place, Jamisontown. A Schedule will be released in good time and the classes in the next couple of weeks (We are just finalizing the rule book). Ken and Belinda are both fine folk who are looking forward to hosting a successful event. If there is anything you need, give them a call.
  3. Plucka

    Nascar Mjk

    Lets make it happen Camber...
  4. Bahahahahaha hayley doing the chicken dance
  5. Those 3 left hand turns had me all messed up. That car is a jet but handles like a bucket no matter how much i screw around with weight. When i get back from my break i am going to check it, i have a sneaky feeling its got a bigger pinion so if it does ill fix it with the standard. I am going to use it in a newer car as well as they seem to handle better. That was the car i used at the model car nationals at Dapto all those years ago and i have not changed it.
  6. If you have a spare car jim can you put Myself and Hayley down for a team please.
  7. Knew you would be Lukey, gotta dust of those GT1s. Steve I am not sure as to the actual where abouts of this possible 2nd shop but if rumors ar correct then they will be very close.
  8. I have heard this, I have also heard that Garry Johnson was building the tracks. Location not sure but i have heard very close to each other. always the way, right when we say we need more tracks, two could possibly open near each other lol. Oh well hopefully this can provide the kick start the hobby needs out west.
  9. Hi All, Not sure if this one has slipped through to the keeper but Ken and Belinda from Slot Shop are a matter of weeks away from opening their new shop in Penrith. Its already got the Kingleman from Mobile Raceway which Peter Brought up and set up for them. they are putting together a tri oval (Its going to need a paint and re braid and that is happening currently). they are also putting together a Huge Carrera track and some other 1/32 type tracks so the shop is wall to wall tracks (But with enough pit space as well). There is also going to be a 1/24th scale quarter mile They are planning on having an extensive range of parts, cars and sets. there is also going to be a kitchen area for food and drinks and a place for parents to have a coffee and relax. They will also be catering for Parties as well. Race nights are yet to be finalised and classes will also need some discussion. I think this is going to be very good for the Penrith Area as the guys are quite hospitable the location is off York street, ill post the full address when they are operating full time. Plucka
  10. Great looking track, well done. Can i ask how long the shut down/breaking area is? also if your insterested we used 1200 grit sand paper or one of those wet rub blocks you can get from supercheap auto to give the lanes a "groove". contrary to many peoples thoughts a high gloss finish is not idea for a fast track as the goo does not spread evenly, we basically just take the shine off about 2-3 inchs either side of the braids all the way down. just means you will use less goo on setting up the faster cars. Also we like to spray goo the track but a light spray (i used to use a bottle of medium in a 5L bottle of shellite in summer and a bottle of light during winter in a 5L bottle of shellite and give it a light spray after wiping the track down). If your running non goo cars then you dont need it but when you run bar cars and faster cars its nice to jump on a track that has had a light spray. Next time im in town i am definatly coming for a look Plucka
  11. Nulon Start Ya Bastard is a non oil ether and we use it to clean the brush dust from our Motors and have dont so for years, always good to re oil the bearings afterwards
  12. Shane, ha ha the old luck of the draw lol. I have never used the water trick or the plafit motors but have sith the SCX motors. For these motors i found with running them in under water the brush dust does not settle in the endbell (i have heard this causes some current draw through all the static from all the particals), doing this for g7s and 27s is probably no good Garry lol. In my line of work i am only interested in horse power and bucket loads in short burst so the water trick is a fast way of running in the motor and cleaner, i have refined it a little for curcuit racing (more the sprint formats) plus it helps having a dyno allows me to monitor changes before i hit the track lol. Each method has always worked and like Garry i like the water method so i stick to it otherwise chopping and changing can affect the program. Brian, If Hayley can get off night shift we may hit the tracks later in the year but for now ill be working on getting to some dapto events and armchair events and the odd HSC race. Plucka
  13. Plucka

    Drag Strip

    We still have the track operating in a racers shed. We race or just mingle every thursday. The track is still in top nick, just waiting for someone that has an interest in opening a big enough commercial store in sydney to run it.
  14. Hey Jim, Could you shoot me an email at paul.drady@bigpond.com. Gregg gave you a couple of cars and i all but forgot he had them lol. I would like to get them finished just want to discuss options. Plucka
  15. Yes sir, Slowly looking at getting back into all forms of racing. I stepped foot into my first slot car center in about the other week and got my butt whooped so thats got the blood going again lol
  16. Garry, Have you ever tried running motors in under water? 1-2 volts 30 seconds to a minute, blow the water out with an air compressor, re oil and go racing. The idea is it will allow you ro run the motor cooler and hence faster during a race and while running them in under water the brush dust does not settle on the comm. Plucka
  17. Hi Richo, Good to see another drag strip. Is that tape as the braid? I would love to bring some of my cars up but they may be a little fast lol. What are numbers like at the moment? Plucka
  18. I was chatting to a few racers that used to race at the shop and i did say that if anyone was in need of help i would only be too happy to assist in any way i could because the hobby is struggling enough without former track owners or racers causing more trouble. so i am on the lookout for someone with deep pockets lol
  19. Dazza, A new commercial raceway in Western Sydney would for sure work but i would not any further south west than liverpool and blacktown otherwise you would be getting into the situation we had at ingleburn where there was not enough population around you to make it work (especially considering word of mouth does play a huge part in your advertising). Like Slotbaker said, min 6 lanes and maybe a smaller 4 lane track but if it was going to be 6 lanes around 115-140 feet lane lap lengths would be perfect for your 1/32 and then the odd flexi type 1/24th car that is bound to come in. Focusing on scaley as that is by far the most popular brand and then working on some of your other stuff like slot it, ninco, scx, nsr, carrera. You do not need to carry the stock of an armchair but something between a HSC or Slot shop and armchair will allow you plenty of stock options. If you have the knowledge, allowing yourself room for the bigger stuff like the womps and flexis will allow that extra dimension and if you had room to put in a 1/24th drag srtip you would have the markets covered. It all depends on what your ideas are, your budget and what you expect to gain from this as the first year or two will be the hardest because you need that start up boost in money to get it all happening but from then on if you have chosen the right location it will take care of itself which will allow you to focus on racing programs, kids deals (parties and after school racing). You can see that after we closed i have had lots of time to think about it and really i did make alot of mistakes but it was all trying stuff and through that i found out what worked and what didn't and the biggest key is not forgetting that you too were a racer once on the other side of the counter. BTW I dont think the 8 lane track we had is in any real shape to race on, maybe if someone had way too much room they could make an offer but it needs alot of work to get it to commercial raceway standard. Plucka
  20. Next time i see wayne ill have to ask about MJK NASCAR because i like that class. It is a model car nationals so as long as each class has some resemblance to model building then thats great. of those 7 classes they will be packed so it will still be a looooong 3 days and not being on a long weekend is the best news for me.
  21. Great thanks for that. Ill give both a try as toms is around the corner from work.
  22. I use PPG 2pak clear on everything. Decals are no problem if you let them dry properly or have the micro set or sol as that is great stuff (speaking off does anyone know where i can get that from). I have also cleared over tamiya paints without a problem, the trick is to what kind of primer you use (if any) because the thinners in the clear (and even normal paints through an airbrush) can lift paint of an unprepped body. As stated, Preparation and patience is the two biggest factors. Plucka
  23. Tony, Are you having some trackmate issues? Do you need to borrow some stuff while you get yours fixed? Plucka P.S I would have loved to get there tonight but busy but depending on where i will be next week i would love to come out, what are you racing?
  24. i plan on heading out there tuesday
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