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  1. As always looking great Terry. Have you finished it? It looks like it's time to pull my Brabham out and rework the chassis. Give us an update.
  2. Terry, The shadow turned out fantastic!I just happen to have a Shadow and extra McLaren laying around the work bench. I think it's time to blow the dust off my tools and get cracking again. Great inspiration.
  3. I just saw this post and I am looking forward to the finished product. As far as wheels go, why not just use the Scalextric McLaren M23 wheels and tires. They might not be exact but I bet they would look great. Let's see an update when you get a chance. I have this car in my projects bin and will be following your progress.
  4. Thanks for the comments Alan and John! I wish I had more time to work on these. Alan, the gearbox is from a Lola T70 mounted to a homemade bracket to mount on the chassis. I've sent you a PM about it. John, keep us posted on your build and post photos.
  5. Eno, I have a Scalextric March 711 and it looks like with a little work and creative cutting, it will fit quite nice.
  6. Thanks for the comments guys. Slotbaker, I haven't actually had it on the track yet, my track is awaiting a rebuild, but I've got a BRM that has an identical chassis and while it's not as fast on the straights as the scaleys it's much easier to drive through the corners which should help even it out a bit.
  7. Beautiful work Iceman! I'm envious of your ability to produce so many more different liveries that we'll never get from the manufacturers.
  8. jhardy33

    Brm Scx F1

    I see in the newsletter/magazine, which is very well done, that the BRM is the 3rd classic F1 release and it looks like the Honda would be next. Does anyone know?
  9. I haven't posted much lately but I thought you guys might appreciate Jack Brabham in his BT7. I started with a Supershells Brabham and modified it slightly. I used a mini motor so that I could put in a full cockpit. I used BWA's wonderful chassis bits as the starting piont for the chassis which makes it surprisingly easy to build. I attached the lower suspension directly to the chassis and the upper suspension is attached to the car. I hope you guys like it.
  10. Thanks Terry. The Brabham is definitely one my favorites also. It's also a pretty good runner. If you like that Brabham maybe you'll like this one as well. I finally figured out how to paint the nose stripe thanks to Chris Wright.
  11. Very nice work Terry! It seems that so many of the 1/24 F1 cars are built for pure speed and not looks. Your car seems to capture both very well.
  12. Nice modifications bump. I have thought about doing some of the same things. What about the suspension for that car. Is the black accurate or should it be more silver/aluminum?
  13. Can anyone post a picture of the Bonnier car? I have an extra Scaley lying around.
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