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  1. Excellent, this car was my very first Slotcar, and I still own it too. I also gave it a fresh lease on life a while back. Really brought a smile back and a lot of memories. Also did similar with the guide and ride height, looks and handles far better.
  2. Well, added weight, loosened screws and cleaned tyres up and got it doing 5.774 on my 12m mdf layout, pretty much what the Johnson Sierra is doing it in standard. Pretty happy with that. Can definitely notice the weight difference driving the two tho...
  3. Sweet mod, looks fantastic. I have that same kit sitting next to a standard GT non flared Rx3 still in its box waiting for me to do the same. Just haven't got around to it yet, but you may have just given me the kick i needed. Lol. Oh, I also have a series 2 Rx7 with the full Daytona flare kit waiting for the Moffat Styvessant treatment. I feel more rotary slotcars are needed lets see more!
  4. Weight sounds like the way to go at the moment. I previously loosened the body screws in a hope that it would allow for more top heavy movement with out quickly desloting but it wasn't enough unfortunately. In regards to tyres im still using the original which after a good clean with a sticky lint roller grip extremely well to a clean track,possibly too well as a bit of slide give might help from a deslot, maybe round off the edges a bit? Also would a deeper guide be an answer? Many thanks for the feedback guys, always a top forum here. Cheers
  5. Hey everyone, I was lucky enough to receive a JPS Scalextric M3 for Xmas and have just now finally got some time to try it out on my MDF layout. Unfortunately I have realized it has a very bad want of desloting and tips on to its roof every chance it gets. Has anyone got some tips for me to get it up to pace with my Johnson Sierra that I also received for Xmas. Cheers
  6. G'day Guys, I have noticed a scaley product for existing analogue tracks that uses wireless controlers and an app system for your tablet or phone called ARC AIR, has anyone had a go of this system? I was thinking of integrating it into my current 2 lane Mdf analogue track. Do you think this is a possibility? The ARC AIR power base kit is around $150 or so on the net and seems to be pretty decent for adding that bit extra to the slotcar experience. I know of the similar scaley digital set up, but this seems to be a great addition as I have 50 cars or so that aren't chipped. The track is just 2 lane Mdf with copper tape, 12 metres in circuit length and running on an old adjustable output model train transformer. Any thoughts?
  7. Well I have tried just about everything to get my trackmate to work and still no go... I now have an unused setup the same spec as mine coming by post from my brother to go through a process of elimination... I am intrigued as to see the resulting problem.... Hmmmm
  8. Many thanks for the replies fellas, I haven't updated as I haven't had the chance to get out to the track of late, extremely busy with work at the moment. I shall keep you posted with how I get on..
  9. Now it says "trackmate interface v found good to go" but when I press start in either practice or race mode there is nothing, timer doesn't start and there isn't any voice stating Go! Like usual?...
  10. Yep it is the serial usb adapter setup im using, maybe sourcing a new one as you have suggested along with the other connection cables might do the trick. The module still has the orange light come on when powered up so there is still life there I just noticed....
  11. G'day, feels like ages since I posted anything, I hope someone could shed some light on a trackmate timing issue for me. I have had it for a couple of years now but all of a sudden it wont recognise the module for some reason? I have checked all the wiring etc but nothing is out of the ordinary or damaged, it is running on an old laptop with Vista which only is used for the track timing. I have gone through the setup settings, com port etc but still no go. I am using a usb connection to the laptop, same as I have since purchased which I have had no issues with at all. Has anyone had a trackmate module die on them for any reason? Is there a typical life span on these things? We have had some lighting storms of late so possibly a power surge? Lastly, is there another timing system that is compatible with the original infered gantry and LEDs or an update that I should do? It is the 6.8.1 version Cheers
  12. I have the scaleauto beema in that great Japanese cartoon livery, it is a very nice model to use and very quick but the rear wing is terribly weak....
  13. I had the rear wheel detachment problem with my pioneer too, but as mentioned it is an older model Mustang fast back. I agree with you branco, the new camaro does look Damn good, its the detail of the wheels that grabs me, sets it of nicely.
  14. I didn't realise there was a problem?..... I just signed back in after a bit of a hiatus, and much like my trackmate system, it seems I may have timed it perfectly ;-) Nice to see familiar names again, feels good.
  15. I gotta say, ive driven many many cars, mercs, beemers, porsches, Bentley, the list goes on...even an aston at one stage, (a gold pontiac firebird with the 8L 454 and matching gold fluffy seat's was an experience) but by far the most enjoyable, comfortable and all round easy to live with car, that includes going to the shops after a spirited drive at a track or mountain twisties is definitely the M3. M5 is phenomenal as well but slightly bigger for the tighter stuff. They really are a driver's machine that can not look outlandish at the Coles carpark but can look dead sexy on the boulevard. This electric one though does look a little more odd....
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