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  1. The print lines are nearly non-existant, nice work on both of them. Cleaning them up should be a lot easier than the Nissan I did. Do you have any pics from the side?
  2. Made my own, when you start playing with resin you need to have small pieces to use the excess. Try and keep the waste to a minimum.
  3. After seeing Mac's build it gave me some inspiration to start a fugly car. Not trying to steal your thunder either Mac, just had this laying around. A dodgy cast ZB resin body, some wheel arches and one of those $7 Avant Slot chassis from a few years back which will fit the wheelbase of the ZB. Thought I'd use some SCX Raid tyres as well, maybe even give it a a 2" lift kit as well. Here's the body with the wheel arches fitted. The Avant chassis, which will have longer axles fitted and the front stub axles removed. And the car just sitting on the chassis for now until the mechanics fit the lift kit. Now it is a Commodore, and I'm a Ford man so does this count as Fugly?. Will have to add some ugliness to it somehow, any ideas?. Cheers Matt
  4. Had a package arrive yesterday from the UK which I ordered on the 10th May. That's not too bad at all. And one from Ace Hobbies which was just over a week.
  5. Nice work Grant, The more you practice the better you will get and pick up the little things along the way. This is the clay I've used, get it from a local Pottery shop, about $7.50 a bag. I've actually used the same piece of clay to create 7 different body molds now, store it in an Ice cream container and add a little water every now and again. Matt
  6. No worries, I'll let you know when I have one ready.
  7. Hi Grant, I think if you use Pinkysil next time you’ll be much happier with how it performs. As I’ve said earlier it cures in an hour and you can therefore demold and pour your first cast soon after. I use an air dry clay myself and have had no problems with it not being dry (I put it back in its bag for use at a later date). I’ll find the bag and let you know the type of clay I’ve been using. Been trying to reply on my pc but it won’t let me reply to any posts today. Matt
  8. Great work on the 2 motor set up, and on such a small car.
  9. Yeah I've got a few people that are interested in a Nissan body, for the local club and others like yourself. Hoping to make a few to share the love. If you're interested just send me a pm. cheers Matt
  10. I've topped up molds with extra silicone using Pinkysil with no problems at all Grant. I also have a mold which is thin on top like yours but still works well as long as the mold is sitting on a flat surface once set.
  11. I usually pour the amount of resin I'm going to use into the mould, swirl around a little but then use a bit of brass rod to poke into any holes, ie the mirrors, to remove the air bubbles. Learnt this after the first molds were coming out with air bubble for mirrors.
  12. Nice work Jacob, slowly working my round the new look
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