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  1. Just had a quick look through the 2022 range Gary. Good to see them finally bringing some buildings back. Just read elsewhere that the building are one piece resin too. Being a fan of the Gulf livery I don't know if it's just me or do most of the 2021/2022 releases look more 'toy like'. Of the 4 new 2022 Gulf liveries only the Aston Martin 'Dirty Girl' looks good IMO. The Blues Brothers Dodge Monaco Bluesmobile looks cool, probably pick up 1. And you can't have the first two Back to the Future cars without the third, that makes 2. Still waiting on Kitt from the 2021 Catalogue, that'll be 3. There's some nice new cars, smaller list than usual but understandable in todays World. With the price of most of the new releases listed around 53 Pounds ($100) I think I'd rather spend my slot money on other brands. An NSR, Slot.it, Revoslot etc don't look that expensive anymore compared to Scalextric, especially given their quality components. Looking forward to seeing what the 2022 Australian releases will be. Matt
  2. Nice Gazza, looks a treat. The more I see what people have been doing with the 3D printers the more I want one, lol.
  3. We use MJK on all 10 classes at WASCRG. No problem with truing them, actually the easiest to true in my opinion. Australian made too.
  4. Yeah, bit more work to do on mine to. Gave it a run last night, if you call it that, lol. Noticed when giving it a run last night it was jumping all over the place. The rear wheels and gear are all on the p!@s, haven't been pushed on square to the axle. Will try to straighten these, if all else fails I'll just use some metal wheels.
  5. Had a crack modifying my spare Cougar yesterday afternoon. Took a before and after pic to show the difference. Have gone with the MJK tyres which we use on the Pioneer cars at the club in the bottom pic but will see what else I have laying around. These seem to be slightly bigger than the originals but can be easily sanded down. Found some small front tyres which fit nicely, just touching the set up block atm. Unfortunately this car has no interior, I will have to make one up to suit and the car will be ready to go. Car definitely looks heaps better now, cheers Wobble for posting up pics of your modifications. Just noticed I haven't put the exhausts back on, will modify them to fit like you have Wobble. cheers Matt
  6. The stance even looks better now with the front end not up in the air. Nice work, will modify my spare Cougar to resemble this one. cheers
  7. If all else fails and your unable to obtain one locally, here or NZ, try Lendons of London. Picked up the Cougar chassis's and a few others at a decent price. Might take a while, especially this time of year. At least it gives you an option. Matt
  8. I've used the Selley's Quick Fix Supa Glue in the Stand Up Tube for years now. Sticks well to most plastics, great for MDF, glues tyres to the wheels etc. Unless you knock it over and lay it down it won't block the spout or glue the cap in place. Kept standing it will last until it's all used. Only problem I have found lately is that it is out of stock at most Bunnings.
  9. Always thought the SG1 Stargate would be a great entrance into the Slot man-cave Flashing lights and all, lol
  10. Nice work Gary, Good that you have made the signage interchangeable.
  11. Nice find Tony. I do love the artwork on the old sets, and the smell, lol.
  12. Hi Tony, They look like they're the Type 2 but I have seen the smaller heads on the Type 3 which had the chrome wheels. Looking at the wheels you have I can't see any with the chrome on them, although I can't see them all. I have some of the Aus/NZ cars with driver painted, some without, there seem to be plenty of ways these cars were assembled at the factories. Some have the same colour mirrors and carbs, some have two different colours. The tail section 'distortion' I have found to be the hardest to fix, but can be done with a hairdryer/heat gun. Slowly pulling the rear section back out and pressing down onto something hard works. I repaired my first Lotus 16 with boiling water, reshaped the car but changed the colour of the plastic. I also completely stuffed a car trying to reshape in boiling water, car distorted everywhere, so don't do that anymore. When trying to close the body halves it's always good to have a dud motor in place. Closing the two halves without the motor in place is easier actually, but the motor won't fit back in place afterwards without the halves separated again. You can test all the motors using the brushes etc off a good motor, and if they work give them a good cleanup. I had spent a bit of money over the years on buying parts, mirrors, carbs, wheels, drivers heads etc that it made sense to make my own. I can now pretty much make every part I need to complete a car but will still replace with an original part if I have it on hand. If you have any more questions just ask. cheers Matt
  13. Hi Tony, I'm unable to open any of the links. Maybe someone else can help? cheers Matt
  14. He's a few more added to the collection. A Type 1 Made in Australia with the metal loop braids. Type 2 Made in Aus/NZ in the Dark Blue And a couple of Type 1 Made in France. Always good to pick some up I didn't have. cheers Matt
  15. They pop up on Ebay all the time but I make my own. I use the clear flat plastic covers that some foods come with, usually with a tin foil base. If you can find one the same thickness as an original windscreen even better. I had a windscreen which was broken in half, taped it up, flattened it and use it to make all the screens I need to replace. If you use masking tape you can tape the original to the flat plastic and simply cut to shape. I then fold it in half and use a hairdryer etc to bend the screen to the correct shape, without heating the plastic the screen will go white where the crease is. Easy enough if you have one to copy otherwise you will need to buy them. Phil Smith from scaleslotcars.com may have spares but ebay is probably the easiest. Matt
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