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  1. There's one on Ebay from Spain. Not cheap at around $99.33 plus $29.06 postage. Actually there's another for $89.89 plus $28.77 postage Both in the Superslot Box which is the Spanish version of Scalextric, still the same car though. Listed as H3390 Also did hear awhile back that postage from Spain had been suspended to Oz. Matt
  2. Lovely work on the cars Chris. Great job, the paint jobs are awesome.
  3. Had a mate give me a 3D printed chassis. He had printed the chassis, guide and wheels to try out. Here's what I recieved. The chassis itself is printed with a swing arm/pivot point from just behind the motor. The wheels on it in this pic are from the cheap Avant Slot chassis's from a few years back. Not sure how well it will work, can always glue it in place to make the chassis stiffer. Here's the chassis fitted to a Mustang Supercar. The wheels are printed so you can glue your own inserts etc to it to create the hub for the tyre. Since I had some resin inserts I filed them down to fit and created wheels to suit the modern Supercars. (Sorry no pic at hand) I also cut up a resin wing from another car (BA Falcon I think) and made a wing which more resembles the Mustang. This is the prototype before being cast. And yeah, I painted the car up in the 2020 Shell McLaughlin livery. The 3D printed wheels were surprising true, although after I glued on the inserts to create the hub for the wheels I did true them on my tyre razor just to make sure. How's it run? Not sure yet, but will be taking it to Syd's track to give it a run, the 3D printed guide is to deep for my home Scalextric Sport layout. cheers Matt
  4. mattcrackers

    DG Raceway

    Great work on the frame, track, scenery etc.
  5. One has made in Chinalol. Haven't heard this myself either but you never know.
  6. Nice work Shayne. How do they run? Don't suppose you've given them a test run on Dave's track yet?
  7. Nice mate, nothing wrong with a Gulf livery.
  8. Looks great, was a white kit I take it?. I borrowed another racers and used one of these the other week. Might have to get myself one now that a few of the clubs I race at are using them.
  9. Lovely looking track there Jimmy, excellent.
  10. A couple of pics of some completed cars. Got some of the tyre decals off Patto's just to finish them off. Currently working on a Castrol Nissan. Would really like to try Patto's waterslide decals but I'm a bit nervous when it comes to giving them a coat of clear. Tried them a couple of times and have had the waterslide decals 'crinkle' from the clear coat. I know there's a few what could be used, might get some and try my luck cheers Matt
  11. Wow, you could make plenty for that price, and some with a bit of time and effort. But I suppose there are people who don't think they have the skills either, but you never know if you never try.
  12. Hi Mark, Thanks mate, and welcome to Auslot. Love the Aussie muscle cars myself, Scalextric have released quite a few over the last few years now. What with the XY,XW,XB,XC Falcons and the A9X and L34 Toranas, there's plenty to choose from, and of course the Supercars which seem to be selling for silly prices at the moment. That is if you can get your hands on them, although they can still be found and quite cheap too. I actually like the build process from start to finish, worked out that it's better to be patient than to rush. cheers Matt
  13. Here's another Nissan I've painted up, this time done in the Norton Livery of Caruso. Stuffed this paint job up a couple of times, left it alone, sanded, repainted, added the decals and gave it a clear coat. Amazing how much better the car looks when you give the paint time to dry, lol. Matt
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