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  1. Hi Stubbo , Ok on giving the series a rest for a while . Personally I would like to see the cut off year go to 1970 . Also my preference is to use the one type motor but open gearing . Maybe a little wider tyres to cater for the pre 1970 "F1" tyres . But I guess it will be up to the wishes of the majority in the end . For the SA guys - some with new cars built for 2020 I will be running a Mallala Gold Star Cup for the local guys around May or June . Interstate ( & NZ ) cars are welcome to enter but will have to pay the 2 way postage and perhaps insurance - I will waiver any entry fee to the out of SA entries . I will post details of the event at a later date . I will have to catch up with Lenny at Spitfire to see if he wishes to run an event as well. Al the best Stubbo & look forward to 2021 . John FPR7 email; fpr10@bigpond.com
  2. Just a little suggestion I have which works at FPR re traction. I do the hoovering first . Then I use a silicon sticky roller ( from China ) Which is wiped off with a damp rag regularly - when it gets slippery on the surface which is covered with dust. - about every metre. This is not enough though . We then run BRM rubber tyres - G25 compound for several laps wet sanding say every 10 laps or so. For about 5 minutes on each lane. Grip us usually good then for MJK or BRM Tyres . The BRM tyres are very good dust magnets and my tracks are in a non sealed shed with large opening doors . So ingress. Of dust on a windy dry day is very likely. Of course the humidity or temperature have an effect. We do not use water sanding for MJK tyres due there ability to maintain traction on a humid track - only a brisk dry sand for them. The BRM tyres however it is almost compulsory to wet sand on 1200 paper. Big Mick is the master of BRM tyre prep. My track surfaces are all Cabothane coated clear and smooth.
  3. Hi, The Tasman Cup Round 5 2019 at Fulham Park Raceway has been completed . A cool but pleasant day at Lockleys South Australia . Thanks to the great team of Marshals & officials . They did an excellent job. Thanks to the drivers for putting in a great effort . Congratulations to the podium cars . 1st Big Mick2 - S.A. Brabham Climax 2nd Brumos RSR - USA .Ferrari Sharknose - 3rd - sdeamon Lola MKIV The Fastest lap 5.966 secs. in the race - Big Mick2 driven by PM Daniels Thanks to Stubbo for letting FPR hold this great event . Many of the cars were excellent in construction and appearance . John Batich with the Brabham Climax #8 has been awarded the FPR Constructors award . An innovative design and very well presented . I will need a post address John to send you the Trophy thanks . well off to Lenny"s Spitfire Raceway next Saturday for Round 6 . The drivers - Lenny Broke, PMDaniels , Max Newcombe, Big Mick2 The Marshalls Geoff, Calum , John ( Bear ) , Paul & John ( pit steward ) I have drivers reports & will post them shortly
  4. From one who put detail ahead of speed ( like high exhaust on the Elfin ) I do vote for some form of concours award - but not counting to the speed section of the proxy. I will hope to continue the FPR constructors award . For this award the whole package is taken into account appearance, innovation and good performance . I will announce the winner for this year on Saturday .
  5. Just to note that FPR will open at 1pm Saturday the 22/7 . The Round 5 race should start at 2 pm.
  6. Brumos RSR - Ferrari Sharknose has advised that this car has a Tasman 1790 motor - not a SRP .
  7. Very interesting Qualifying Chris . The three Broke Speed cars are very close so the race will be interesting . The drivers will have to get a handle on Big Mick's car's speed - got to get the brakes right on that one .
  8. This is the corrected Qualifying sheet
  9. Hi the Tasman Cup 2019 Cars have Arrived at FPR. I have prepared the cars and They then had time ( laps ) trial & I have done the reports on them . Any queries about the reports please contact me . either on the forum or email fpr7@bigpond.com I have now done the qualifying. I think the pattern in the results is very similar to previous rounds . Seems the Broke Speed customer cars have taken the podium positions in Qualifying . Congratulations to the Broke Speed crew. One mistake - difinity is in 20th position not 7 as shown - sorry about that. All set for the race next Saturday Afternoon. Drivers are selected . Lenny on Red , PM Daniels on Green, Max Newcome on Yellow, And Big Mick 2 on Blue - in other words same drivers & lanes as last year. Looking forward to it !
  10. Hi To all Good we can keep in touch Charles, I do recall having some good times when you visited . Ok Chris yes unfortunate you will not see your entry race at FPR - are you back for Lenny's round? No cars yet but should be here Monday or Tuesday - I hope
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