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  1. should be will know tomorrow
  2. Track piece completed and re fitted, looking for ward to giving it a run Saturday. Col will most likely give it another coat of paint today.
  3. Ouch! at first I was ordering then the price dawned on me, I'll wait for a standard livery I think
  4. So after racing for a while, the corners circled were giving us grief, upset the cars too much and as such, Col decided to change them to make the lane more appealing, should be much better
  5. no enters corner before the bridge
  6. tried to get an overhead view
  7. awesome thanks for the replies!
  8. I have some Slot It colored crown gears in my spares box, does anyone know what colors represent how many teeth? I'm too lazy to count them, cheers
  9. It’s alive, Col wired up one lane to test today. All barriers are temporary so no big crashes happen until more permanent ones are installed. I did some laps with my NSR Mosler and it is beautiful to drive. Ultra smooth very fast. Gonna be real good to race on! https://youtube.com/shorts/aT-9JukohGc?feature=share
  10. Track is now fully braided (apart from pit lane which will happen later) I think Col will put up barrier/fencing before power to avoid too many trips to the concrete floor
  11. braiding has started, well this piece anyway, we taped 2 lanes 75% and nearly used 2 full rolls of tape. Col will order 2 more rolls and then hopefully it will be not far of ready to run
  12. yeah there was input from all involved that the chicane would ruin a nice long fast section so it was removed. question is will cars get through there flat out? will need nicely tuned to do I'm thinking
  13. Col has put it all together now, and will just adjust and secure down before braid starts
  14. I took a pic of the 2 removable pieces today, 1 routed, 1 not yet. Col has been busy painting, all at least 1 coat, a couple with 2 coats 2 coats
  15. so, it will be easier to show pics but wont have any until maybe tomorrow. Col has designed the track to have a compulsory crossover (digital) so every lap is different. the lane changers are optional but this will not be. It's in a slow section after pit lane. This would be removed and replaced with a section that has parallel lanes (analogue) until we can get enough scorpius decoders for everyone. does that make sense?
  16. track is all routed, back of track undercoated and painted (due to weather - humidity) and top painting started today, coming along nicely. Col may have it finished sooner than expected! Also today he made a removable section so it can be run as analogue if we cant get decoders for cars etc
  17. welcome aboard mate, look forward to some pics!
  18. not sure why the pictures above are not showing? still same place they were. Col has started routing and nearly finished:
  19. small update, Col made flipper mounts out of Perspex to avoid swelling in humid weather and has been elevating and mounting
  20. track is now together completely, routing and painting coming up
  21. gref

    Post a photo.

    so I've been using fakebook to post photos, but they seem to disappear, any ideas why?
  22. being wireless (scorpius) drivers can stand where ever they like which will be handy yes at the moment there are 3 lane changers, 1 is to pit, but more be added elsewhere in track yet
  23. not sure what is going on with the pictures?
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