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  1. Gonna be fun when more chips become available, more cars on track
  2. Got some footage from today, not serious racing but fun. Have edited to show different angles and the compulsory cross over in action https://youtu.be/GuGTMyYjVy4
  3. wow, never had an issue with them, far superior grip to any standard factory tyre
  4. no idea, if it doesn't work I'm sure Col will tackle that if need be, there's a compulsory crossover on the Bathurst track and you don't even notice it there
  5. This piece is the removable compulsory crossover for digital. Has not yet been tested but today Col was working on getting the lane brains setup with changers. Time and patience is key so work will continue tomorrow
  6. never had an issue with MJK, always served me well. All my race cars are fitted with MJK. Run on Ferrodor, and other surfaces. Tyre truer or or by hand and they come out good everytime
  7. Yes Steve put the switches on to bypass the relays. What ever happened to Steve? I’ll have to go to jaycar and get some parts to make it all happen, it was pretty bullit proof when operational and reliable. It may have been basic but did what it needed to. I look forward to getting it running again.
  8. the NSR enduro was 8 hours (I think?) 4 drivers per team 15 minutes each per lane x 8? I have our team car, setup by jazzbell I spoke with Ian today to try and work it out. He is going to send me pics of the RCA connections so I can try to get it hooked up again. I dont know why but I set it up on my table in the shed. It seems to work, but keep reverting back to 2 lane for some reason?
  9. This was my start gantry with start lights and led's. I had to cut the cable for the start lights as it was wired through the track. I cant find the end that plugs into the box. I think there are 4 wires in it. track and pit sensor cables all there the control box, no idea what plugged in to these stereo jacks? I presume to track power? cant find them
  10. Hey Vinno, I'll take a pic of what I have to make it easier
  11. haha no idea, funny you say that. I dug my startline system out today as I was thinking of setting it up to run analogue on the suzuka track up here, but I'm missing pieces. I can imagine getting them now is impossible
  12. should be will know tomorrow
  13. Track piece completed and re fitted, looking for ward to giving it a run Saturday. Col will most likely give it another coat of paint today.
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