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  1. gref

    New track

    One coat of clear, undecided if I should do another? Now just gotta get some braid and fences/walls, because if the power is connected before fence = broken cars
  2. gref

    New track

    actually no! I had some leftover from the last track but it disappeared in the move. I cant remember what this paint is called but its water based and I gave it a clear coat
  3. gref

    New track

    Track surface painted pitlane "concrete" surface down
  4. gref

    New track

    Been filling the endless amount of nail holes, hopefully start on the track paint tomorrow
  5. gref

    New track

    thanks, that's what I'm trying to achieve, a "drivers track", you can't pass when you want as the lane spacings are uneven, will have to pick your place to pass etc
  6. gref

    New track

    Ready to start painting now, playing with elevations as I had to connect bridge piece
  7. gref

    New track

    Getting close to paint now, just gotta route the braid recess and crossovers for lane changers. First pics are the optional section, crossovers for single lane or digital, obviously not as nice as a drawing Got all lanes routed and cut to shape, will work on elevations and paint next
  8. gref

    New track

    Getting to the point of cutting shapes now (few spots re routed)
  9. when do they start shipping?
  10. gref

    New track

    bit more done today
  11. gref

    New track

    It's been a while, spent nearly a month interstate, but finally got started on routing yesterday
  12. looking forward to getting these into cars
  13. gref

    New track

    No 6mm thick 10mm wide , the sheets come in 6 and a thinner version as well I think. When we head down to vic in a few weeks I’m gonna get a few more spares cut
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