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  1. gref

    Racing at Ged's

    I found an old video from 2006 taken at Ged's aka Melbourne Model Raceway on an old hard drive. Ged is race controller. It's a long video but shows the slot track half of his "shop". In this video is Eno the Wonderdog, myself, Moe, Freddy (I think), Ged, Matt (sax0607) and Brett
  2. gref

    Innes Park Raceway

    After much frustration with cheap pinstripe tape and it continually lifting, I got 3M and now have lines. Not perfect but good enough for now
  3. great pics, hopefully in future something like this will be on the east coast
  4. gref

    Innes Park Raceway

    not sure mate, if he sees this he can comment as I'd hate to commit him to anything either way. From my experience, the best thing to do (as I found out after I binned them) is keep the part you cut for lane changer as a stencil as it is the exact size/shape you will need. On my previous track I made flipper from Perspex as it was easy to work with and I knew no different
  5. gref

    Innes Park Raceway

    Not much of an update, but i ran 200 laps in each lane with my NSR McLaren on Tuesday to see how lap times came up. I then ran all my NSR race cars on 20 lap qualifying for comparative lap times. cars in order of times
  6. Need help with something better than what I used. I used 6mm pinstripe tape and it looks good on the straight sections, but no chance it will stay down on corners. I've tried rubbing a plastic edge over it to flatten it, but it just rises back up. Maybe 3M do something of quality? I got this from a car auto shop but its a failure
  7. gref

    Innes Park Raceway

    so lost a bit of interest lately but today thought I'd try get the old timing system working. Startline - it runs on dos its that old and it took a long time for the old pc to start up so that it would work, but got there in the end. issue with the start gantry start light sequence so ill have to investigate
  8. gref

    Ninco NC5 Speeder motors

    Ive got some new ones
  9. gref

    Innes Park Raceway

    Thought I would try the crossover section and see how it works, turns out it works nicely
  10. gref

    Innes Park Raceway

    All lanes powered, now gotta fit lane changers and clean up then onto scenery
  11. gref

    Innes Park Raceway

    My mate Col made these for me, now just gotta fit them
  12. gref

    Innes Park Raceway

    Barriers/fences finally finished, next will be power and lane changers
  13. gref

    Innes Park Raceway

    Been a while since an update, motivation dropped among other things. Will hopefully have the walls/fences done today and then power is next
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