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  1. Dropped into Col's to see how he was going today, he is working on the lane change section and lane brains, looking good
  2. havent bought cars for a long time, look forward to getting these on track (once scorpius F1 chips are available)
  3. update starting to take shape
  4. bit more done with highest part of framework in place bit of a rise looking down
  5. Here's some pics of what will be a 3 lane Scorpius digital track version of Suzuka. Col is the owner/builder and I will help where I can (my hand is out of action at the moment due to argument with glass) Frame is still under construction and will be at its highest point at the spoon curve. The plan is to straighten it out so it's relatively fast from the spoon to the pits. Cant remember how many lane brains he said will be installed but it wont be overload. A few lanes and pits. The rate he is going (started Sunday) it will be ready this weekend. Been a LONG time since I've had anything to do with a track build - it's a bit exciting!
  6. not sure of surname?
  7. gref

    Super glue removal

    nearly, I think 2012 was last time and acetone got the job done!
  8. gref

    Super glue removal

    Thanks Chris, yes I’m pretty happy to not be there at the moment. I’ve got them soaking so not sure how long it will take but gotta be better than they are now. You guys still racing? I haven’t raced for 10 years!
  9. gref

    Super glue removal

    So the tyres on my nsr moslers are years old and I need to change them, but they were super glued on years ago and I can’t get them (all, got most) off. Any tips to get it all off and start with clean slate? Acetone soak or similar? Thanks
  10. gref

    Ninco Karts WANTED

    still looking? I may have 2 new in box
  11. excellent I have some, thanks
  12. anyone know off the top of their head which tyre fits NSR Mosler rim?
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