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  1. Congratulations Jokers on a well driven event. Thank you to Shane for the organization and Chris for providing a top class venue and track.
  2. Dennis The white Audi kit of yours that Sammi gave me to paint for you is complete.
  3. Agreed. I smashed three in practice for the Hornsby enduro earlier this year. Mike
  4. The first 1/24 Scaleauto car I bought had bushes. Mike
  5. Great event which I really enjoyed. I am impressed with the overall improvement in the number of laps completed by the teams. Congratulations to Team NSR with their extremely well set up and driven car. Thanks to Shane, Bill, Chris and all others involved. Mike
  6. We have only been given the body at this stage. The rest of the car (in pieces) will be given out at the start of the race. So the race includes the building of the car.
  7. Just finished the team Funhouse Racing NASCAR for the Enduro at Scalex World tomorrow night.
  8. Shane Sammi and I will put a team together. We are looking forward to it. Mike
  9. I have just had a look at the team Scalexworld car after the weekend and noticed that we have a slightly buckled front wheel and a badly buckled rear wheel. Also the body is cracked between the grill and headlight. Only had 2 maybe 3 brackets where we did not have the car off for maintenance. Regards Mike
  10. Garry The matt finish is matt clear over gloss black. Regards Mike
  11. The decals came from Germany with a set of the red back spider ones as well. Patto put similar decals on his site about a week after I ordered these. Mike
  12. Hi Guys Another Scaleauto Audi that will be going to Sydney shortly. Don't know if we will run this one or another car that Sammi has prepared. I also have another body for this Audi that I may prefer to get dinged up. Cheers Mike
  13. My Audi R8 came standard with the non cut down guide and the mounting plate on top. I had to use spacers to get the guide down further into the slot. Putting the mounting plate on the bottom raised the front wheels off the track. Mike
  14. Congratulations to Team NSR who were untouchable on the night. Thanks to all the organizers and participates for well run and enjoyable event, plus a big thankyou to Jazzbell for all his efforts. Mike
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