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  1. Good job..it looks great..well done
  2. Brilliant job so far..will be great when it's finished..
  3. Excellent job..the MK3 was a great car in their day. Good to see a slot version again..
  4. Looking good so far..keep the pictures coming
  5. Hmm..rally and hillclimb in one track...looks good
  6. It looks great..hope it goes as good as it looks..
  7. John..again you know what mine is like..quick and handles....no podproblems..no rear tyre clearance problems and as you know I do not use low profile tyres... just get your act together ,,stop this nonsense and get a ferrari or anothe bmw...
  8. Well John you have seen how good my Ferrari is and you have a bmw so I guess its up to you.As Phil said as well it can depend on the track but again you have seen mine on all our tracks..
  9. Nothing wrong with inline..as stated before there is better weight distribution..more room generally for tyres and a lot easier for ratio changes. I have very fast inlines as well as fast angle and sidewinders.Prefer the inline..
  10. kash15394

    Inline By Stealth

    John just put a 1mm offset slotit cradle ..that will help
  11. You are right John..Since this track has been extended it is a much much better track than it was in its original form. The shifting of the driver stations is another good thing as well. This track is now improved tenfold on the original...
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