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  1. jwbravo14

    Scx Cuda.

    Cool. What price are you looking for it
  2. jwbravo14

    Scx Cuda.

    Hi guys. I'm chasing an scx cuda. It can be second hand but in good condition. I only need the body and chassis if you want to keep the running gear. Cheers
  3. I'm chasing the old version of the scaleauto tyre truer. Can be secondhand but in good condition. Or after a similar truer. Let me know what you have. Cheers Jon.
  4. jwbravo14

    Nsr Classic

    Hi guys. Just putting it out there. Seeing if anyone would like to part ways with an nsr classic car. I would like a Porsche 917. But let me know what you have. Can be used but in good condition. Thanks in advance. Cheers Jon.
  5. No this is not true. The only class going to run on the plastic track is a junior/amateur class. The rest are being run on the 8 lane board master track.
  6. Setup day today at Torgue Ford. This will be another great event organised by Werner.
  7. With a week to go. I can't wait for the event either Paul. It will be another great event organized by Werner.
  8. Hi. Can you post the link up please. Or is the same as last year Cheers Jon.
  9. jwbravo14

    Ford Au Chassis

    Wondering if anyone has or knows where I can get a new Ford AU chassis from. Cheers Jon.
  10. Thanks to the people involved for running the comp. I received the car today. Cheers.
  11. Hi Shane. I think you will find one is the step down nose and the other is the straight nose. Cheers Jon.
  12. Hi Guys. I know that Andrew at Narangba is working on vacform 1/24 scale V8 supercar. We where also talking about a week or so ago about how we could modifying the Ford and Holden moulds to look like the Nissan and the Mercedes. So hopefully we will have a class soon. Cheers Jon.
  13. Hi Cam. Here is a pic. Sorry about the quality but you can get an idea. Cheers Jon
  14. Hi Camber I'm doing the same body for APC. I have done a body and it came up good. I used a tamiya pressure pack can (ps48) in light mist coats backed with black. So give that ago. Cheers Jon
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