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    Classic cars, mainly American and Australian muscle. Also love to race and drift (only model RC and slot cars for now). Peter Brock, Harry Firth, Allan Moffat, Roger Penske, Mark Donahue, Smokey Yunick, Richard Petty, Memphis Raines, and Max Rockatansky are my idols.
  1. Been a while, also been outta the hobby for abit and slowly getting back into it. DId a quick search - looking like still no sign of Pioneer Camaro..
  2. Very nice cars, but that Vette is absolutely stunning! Awesome!
  3. How long until it gets released?
  4. So I take it the Pioneer Camaro isn't coming out now? If it is, can we at least get a pic of it!
  5. Very nice work and collection there! Sierra's and E30 look real nice!
  6. Yes the Sceley Torana should have been about 2-3mm wider. In anycase, its better than no Scaley Torana at all! But maybe the narrow chassis of the SL/R could be used for a GTR XU-1 body, and have a wider one chassis/axles for a reworked and slightly widened SL/R body? Mulitple people in this hobby have told me that slot companies will never make a GTR XU-1 because its too narrow, yet we see Scaley Cortinas and Mini's and SCX NSU's and Renault's which have similar or even narrower chassis dimensions lol!? As for the Ninco classics, I was hoping that that class would take off at my local club, they were planning a Classic Production Sports Car class or something along those lines. I was either going to go with the Vette or Cobra regardless of how they handle (who cares when they looks that hot!), maybe soon!
  7. Well at my local track, its a Ninco plastic track, where cars run rubber tyres with no magnets. The Torana's are one of the quickest in terms of laptimes, but they also seem to deslot more easily than say the Pioneer Mustang's or Scalextric Camaro's. I believe its due to the narrow wheel track of the Torana, IMO Scalextric made the Torana alittle too narrow and wasn't 100% correct to scale. In anycase, I have yet to try a Torana, however for a magnet car they are awesome!
  8. Thats OK, the pictures are good enough I suppose. As long as I saw one haha. Hopefully someone releases some more Aussie cars soon.
  9. That Winston/Indy Shop Camaro looks awesome! Did it race here or overseas (US, NZ, etc)?
  10. Any progress - is this body avaliable yet??
  11. Nice car you got there. Those Shelby's GT305's are special cars indeed! Good choice!
  12. For the new Season, what cars are eligible for the Super GT & the Group C Sports Cars Classes?
  13. Yes thats true, just a shame there isn't the same model Commodore body avaliable. Nice paint jobs, the Sierra looks especially great! Can wait to see your bodies on chassis' soon.
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