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  1. OK so I am fairly new to this game. Is that the real asking price or is it a spelling mistake, surely no car can be worth that much !!! Here was me baulking at $115 for a NSR! I think my first two real cars cost less then that together haha.. Gary
  2. My favourite to look at would be a toss up between the slot.it Gulf McLaren F1 and the Scaley Aston Martin Gulf DBR9. My favourite to drive would be the Fly Lola B98/10 (just eats up the corners), Slot.it Porsche 956C(so smooth to drive) or the Slot.it Ferrari 312PB (this thing is a ballistic missile and so quiet, it has been nicknamed the silent assasin. not at all easy to drive on our track but crickeys its fast) Cheers Gary
  3. Hi all, I got my first NSR car yesterday and the spur gear is lose on the axle. I have been through all my Allen keys and can't find one that fits. Can anyone tell me what size key it is? thanks in advance Gary
  4. It never ceases to amaze me how much opinions can differ. I've still got Ninco tyres on my Ninco 4WD Rally cars (mag-less) running on Scaley Sport and find them good. The Ninco tyres on my Exige were OK but I changed them when I changed the wheels to alloys and it is now P6 shod. I do like the P6s, but I like MJKs better. Ember, I have a Ninco Rally car and it handles quite well, but my LMP Acura and Porsche 997 are like driving drift cars the tires are just that slippery, even after i replaced the dot magnet with bar magnets. cheers gary
  5. garyfromdarwin


    Ahh.. Darwin were you can race with your double plugga's on and there is beer in the pits
  6. we race with magnets and i also have the P6 compound on some of my ninco cars (which are hopeless on sport track with standard tyres) over time i will move to these tires, one of my mates is going to pick up some MJK tires to see how they go as well thanks for all the advices gary
  7. Thanks for the info SlotsNZ. I new about the new C compuond tires and DUI has a new nissan which sticks like glue to our scaley track.this explains why some go well and others dont. my 962 is terrible but my 956 is awesome on the box tires cheers gary
  8. Doe any one know what compound tires come with the slot.it cars. I have a few now and some have great traction and others are quite poor, even the 2 cars of the same model seem to differ in traction any advice? cheers gary
  9. Hi all, My group of racers now has a nice big scalextric sport track to race on and we have a good collection of all brands of car to use (mainly ninco, slot.it and scalextric). I am thinking it may be time to go away from the standard hand controller to something a bit better. Does anyone have a recommendation for a controller that we can plug straight into the scaletric powerbase. We still use the standard scalextric power packs (2 of them). I know Parma make a controller like this but was after options. Also any suggestions on resistance rating as well would be nice. our track is approx 140 feet with a 30 foot straight if this makes a difference. any assistance will be greatly appreciated Cheers Gary
  10. That's not very nice! Try pendleslot they have them in stock and are good to deal with and the Aussie dollar has good exchange rate at the moment! Actually syd he's right i did drop it taking it out of the box :mallet: but he just had to be a smart A$$ and bring it up. oh well i will have to beat him with said car tonight :mallet: thanks for the info too i forgot about them cheers gary
  11. Hi all, i am looking for a rear wing for my Spirit Reynard 2KQ - Slic livery, this is an older car and all the usual haunts dont keep spares for this model. it doesnt show up on spirit's website anymore either. It is one of my favourite looking and performing cars and i want to return it to its full glory. Can anyone help me with where to find parts for it cheers Gary
  12. I cant wait for the toyota that will be a sweet ride, now we just need them to do the GT-one to go with it
  13. Thanks for the info ill have to check it out Cheers Gary
  14. Is correct. Overall the 956 has more admirers as a race car than the 962. I have seen good and bad cars of both the kh and low drag shapes depending entirely on the person who built it. Its a personal preferance between the two body shapes. The evo chassis is supposedly better than the original and i certainly don't doubt that it is. In proxy racing the 956 is the most consistent winner of all the slot.it group c cars and that probably tells you all you need to know. HI all, Is there a way i can tell the old chassis and the new evo 6 chassis apart. I recenlty picked up a couple of 956's and 962's (gotta love a stronger aussie dollar) and was wondering if they were the older chassis or the new chassis
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