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  1. No. 3 for me ..... it will be worth the wait when NINCO brings their digital to the party in Sept/Oct. :( Regards Glenibus
  2. Hi, As previously mentioned, here are some pictures of my track in construction. Enjoy. and and now for an action shot ... It is a lot of fun to drive .... fastest lap so far is a Scalextric Indy car doing 7.83 seconds. I expect this time will be smashed as I work up a few more laps in practice. Talk soon and will keep you posted. Regards Glenibus
  3. Vinno, Thanks for the link ... very informative. Regards Glenibus
  4. Hi All, I am a magnet man. I like to race my cars straight out of the box without having to play around with the car. All to their own, but the comments about holding the throttle down fully for a full lap for mag cars is a load of s##t. Question ... as I do not race without mags .... Do you need to add differant tyres to the car? and I hear people talk about needing weights? Let me know. Regards Glenibus
  5. Hi All, Here is the design of my track. It is a 20 metre ninco track. I will post some actual pictures shortly. Any comments or feedback welcome. Regards Glenibus
  6. Hi all, If you are hanging out waiting for Ninco Digital, well, the following links will give you something to drool over .... enjoy. http://www.slot32.co.uk/shop/acatalog/onli...e_Ninco_10.html http://www.mre.co.uk/Nuremberg/NM05b.htm Regards Glenibus
  7. "I would of won except for the corners ... " Glenibus
  8. Where did you get the fence? It looks great.
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