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    Grand Prix Legends

    Well it's been about 15 years ago when I starter this post on GP racing cars and now have over 30 which includes resin pre war and post war will need to get up to speed on posting pictures again .
  2. I brushed on Dulux Suede to get a texture finish like a road surface and then brush on a light coat for Cabots Matt clear over the top , this helps to seal the surface from water spills and dust as well has easy to clean . Bo
  3. That sounds good , we will get on to it soon . Bo
  4. boslot

    Practic At Joes.

    Hi Joe What cars are you testing ???
  5. boslot

    Plafit Gt3

    This topic now locked .
  6. boslot

    Glue Or D/s Tape?

    Tape is the only way to go .
  7. The date is Saturday 19 July 12.00 pm start time , more details soon .
  8. Just email George and ask , he is very helpful guy. Bo
  9. boslot

    Gran Turismo 6

    That's one my list to buy .
  10. boslot

    Slot Car Factory

    Still looking for a new shop , OP
  11. boslot

    Auslot Logo

    This topic is going no were ,and it is now closed for the second time . Bo
  12. boslot

    Auslot Logo

    Hi Triggy Vince and I will be taking care of at soon . Bo
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