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  1. Go for it, she's pretty old hat!! Just lucky it is relatively easy to drive. Dave
  2. Don't worry guys, my car is illegal as, although I am a modeller I can't be bothered building one with suspension. Ciao Dave B
  3. Thanks guys. Unfortunately I look asleep and my driving performance may make people believe I was!! Sorry about that, couldn't take a trick that night. I still have my old flannel shirt Terry, should have worn it! Dave B
  4. Hi Terry, I can build a reasonable car, just find the suspension fiddly,will think about it Dave
  5. Terry, It's the same flanno, give me a break!!! Made a point of wearing it just for you!! Dave B
  6. Very serious, a bit slow unfortunately but at least very consistent. Great job with the report Phil!! Dave B
  7. Hey guys, I have just bought a new flannie, just don't need to wear it to Phil's as he has a good aircon. Had it been the Bat (ice) Cave I may have had to break it out!! Pity I no longer have the camel cordouroy jacket, it has probably come back in to fashion by now. PS It's probably a little earlier than '66 Phil, that would have made me 16!! look about 14 Dave B
  8. Tks Alan, I'll pass as well. See you at PI next year Dave B
  9. Nice one Bruce, You deliberately posted a slow time (12th) for my BRP just to improve my odds in the $50 pick!!! Tks Dave B
  10. Tks Alan, fantastic night yet again, we are thoroughly spoiled by you & your lovely wife. Just make sure you & Stu give us a little notice re the class for next years event, we'd like a little while to build something!!! Dave B
  11. Hi Alan, #18, BRP, resin, scratchbuilt wire/brass, David Bantoft. Tks for thinking of me, sorry I was a bit slack getting back, have been away. Dave
  12. bantoft

    Stubbo's New Track

    Tks for the great night Stubbo. You've only got 363 days left to build that sports sedan for the Vic - Tas challenge!!! See you next year all being well Dave
  13. I'm still using baremetal. It's on the front & rear bumpers of the XA. Performance leaves a bit to be desired at the moment, I'll be working on it thios week. Must be the Camaro chassis, should have used a Mustang!!! Dave B
  14. Well I have finished the XA but it ended up a rushed job. I broke the chassis of the SuperFalcon last week after round 1 of our Biante/Trans-Am series & had to finish this by tonight. The boot had to be repaired & repainted, chassis assembled & weighted using the old SF parts, robbed the interior from the SF so it's actually wrong and finished of some detailing. All this & I was away all weekend so couldn't work on it then. Looks a bit rough but I hope it's competitive. By the end of the series it will look particularly tired so there may be an opportunity to rebuild in about 6 weeks. So much to do, so little time. Tks for looking. PS the white around the side windows is the MicroScale Clear still drying. Dave B
  15. Look forward to seeing it finished, it's looking good. Nice to see these being built Dave B
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