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  1. Hi fellas, looking for a couple of broken 69 camaro chassis, dosn't matter about the axle or motor mounts as they will be cut off anyway, just need the front and rear pods in good nick for a plafit 1/32 build. cheers
  2. Thanks Brett, looks great fun to drive, can't wait. Hey BTW missing you on friday's. cheers
  3. Hi there, is there a plan drawing or photo of the track for those of us that havn't been before. I can't seem to find one on Horsby site. cheers
  4. What a ripper weekend. Thanks to Luke, Werner, Gary, Phil and Elka for all there efforts to make this event a pleasure to attend for us all. Congrats to all the champs, fast cars and great drives. Many thanks to all the racers who made the effort, good to catchup with some from last year and meet some new equally great blokes this year. See you all at the next one. Cheers Mark.M
  5. Hi there, not much on him, but at least you can see who he is. look from 4.30 for small interview. cheers
  6. I take your point and that sounds good in a club event, but as one of the 1st year Am's from last years APC, I feel that the measure of an AC is the Champions and trying to match or beat the likes of Paul, Jason, Simon, Greg and others is the Prize. At my age Trophies and gifts are not as important as acknowledgement from my peers and challenging my mechanical and driving skills against the best guys around, only then can you measure up. I had an expected rookie showing finishing in the last to 2nd last heats in my events but I've cut over 1 sec p/lap on all my cars since the APC because I had a reference and listened to advice given. Maybe a Best Performance(most improved) in each of the categories that would leave the top 6-8 out of the equation. I'm not in favour of a Best of the Worst prize or credit for finishing 13th, we are talking AC's here. I think that kind of leniency would be better suited to state and club events. Sorry to go against the grain, just my thoughts. Cheers
  7. Thanks to all the fellas involved, sorry for the crap car. Will do better next time. cheers
  8. DITTO.You guys hit the nail on the head. It was a great weekend and reminded me of a carnival, having the fellas from interstate travel in mass was a great effort and very much appreciated. It was also great to put faces to the names on the forum. Thanks to Greg, Jason, Rocket Rod, Chris, Steve, Simon, Paul, JJ, Vitto for giving us the best racing weekend. 54 photos from Sunday racing, had to put them in an album. http://imgur.com/a/gOimn cheers ps:- sorry if I forgot someone.
  9. Thanks for trying to fix it. front axle through the stupid front body mount, had to do some mod to get around the mount. Dumbass designer/engineer at Fly. I was thinking of using a flat head and counter sinking the hole with a large bit, but ran out of time.
  10. Went down to Dandy on Friday night for a great time with some really tight racing and some of the best 1/24 cars I've seen. Just a guestament, nearly $6000 of cars. Fr-Scaleauto Mid-Trans-Am/Plafit Rear-BRM Not the best photo, maybe some of the other guys could put up a better one. Thanks for a great time cya next week.
  11. Great run by the winners, thanks for your efforts fellas in running 2 races.
  12. you can use 2 single tube ferrite core instead of the double, works just as good.
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