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  1. cliffy

    Commercial Track

    Looking for six or eight lane commercial track. Prefer Canberra region but can travel.
  2. cliffy

    My First Track Build

    Scalex Classic responds well to being nailed or even glued down if you cut off the locking tabs, push them together, then nail/screw/glue or whatever to the table top. It works even better if you solder wire jumpers to each electrical connection underneath before gluing down. Even beter if you can get some MIB or new old stock before you start. This IMHO is the best plastic track ever made if handled correctly from new. Cliffy
  3. cliffy

    Some Of My Race Cars

    I'd bet my Flexi body lasts a LOT longer than a Z... and looks better when it's retired than a Z, half way through its career... I'm a racer, I don't sit and stare at my toy cars... my motorcycle? yep I will stare at that, but like I said, I'm a racer. Flexi cars are faster on just about any decent 24th scale track against a weighted chassis... Fridge Magnets? hmmmm on routed refridgerators my flexi would probably loose, but then I don't race on them either.... I put steak in my fridge, I race on a track....
  4. cliffy

    Some Of My Race Cars

    nahhh I like my flexi cars, they are the ducks guts on my track... like I always say, everyone to their own...
  5. cliffy

    Some Of My Race Cars

    so where do you buy Z bodies by themselves? My flexi cars are REALLY cheap... and I bet a whole lot more fun than a Plafit...
  6. cliffy

    Some Of My Race Cars

    expensive too... Kyosho, Tamiya, 6 for one, half a doz the other....
  7. cliffy

    Some Of My Race Cars

    Mini Z is a R/C series of cars made by Tamiya. 24th scale from memory...
  8. Pictures DO NOT speak a 1000 words, they don't have a voice for a start... the only way a photo can ever speak a 1000 words is when people like me take the photo then write the words to go along with the photo.... annoying... I'm a photo journalist...
  9. Nope Phil, still in Australia. I'll post pictures of my track since I extended it soon.... I've used Ferrodor on my own tracks and raced a quite a few painted with it. Silis are fine on it, they actually leave their own residue because of the quite high wear rate from the iron oxide.
  10. Electronic Carrera thumb controllers have the usual three wires. However, wiring them into my wooden routed track is a drama. I did this exact thing a few years back but lost the detail, so I'm attempting to find a diagram for doing it again. The first time I reverse engineered a Carrera Exclusive Terminal track. I don't currently have such a thing but am looking for one again. If someone has one then I'm open to suggestions... nice suggestions please....
  11. I've been using a mix of rubber, urethane and silicon/rubber (rubber tyres coated in silicon to fix handling probs) and always believed that silis would strip the rubber of my tracks. However this IS'NT the case. My current wooden layout has a mixture of surfaces (as is my want) and I can see the build up of rubber on some of it, the sili/rubber tyres have no effect on the rubber residue at all.
  12. cliffy

    Gear Ratios

    If you are trying to get speed from engine RPM, you first calculate the circumference of the tire using the formula pi x D where pi is 3.14 and D is the outside diameter of the mounted tire. You divide a mile by the result to get wheel revolutions per mile. With a 22" o.d. tire the circumference is 69 inches (actually 69.08") and that equals 5.75 feet. Divided into a mile (5,280') gives 917.19 axle/wheel revolutions to a mile. To go 60 mph, a mile in one minute, with a 22" tire your axle revolutions will thus be 917 axle revolutions/ minute. (Incidentally, if you go a mile at 60 mph you are traveling at 88 feet per second.) If you have a 3.54:1 rear axle ratio your engine will be turning 917 x 3.54 = 3,246 RPM. Of course this ignores wheel slip or spin and any increase in tire circumference due to centrifugal force from tire RPM. Slip is likely a lot more than tire growth with at least the tires I was using. This is the best description I've been able to garner regarding the calculation of ratios.... As for pitch, you will find a close relation to axle size in slot cars, but not all the time...
  13. cliffy

    Some Of My Race Cars

    Do they Crash too? Because if they do that, then sign me up....
  14. If you place (brackets) around the "misleading" words, it can in no way be construed as misleading... it is no longer a part of the title, it's an adjunct. Of course we ARE talking ebay here, so who knows what morons are capable of...
  15. Exactly Jamie, I nearly always put Scalextric in my titles for that reason, newbies in particular don't know about anything except Scalextric. It's standard operating procedure for experienced ebay slot car traders like us....
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