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  1. Hi all, There are conflicting reports about these motors and their names. Some collectors call them Johnson 222's. From my experience the grey can is the fastest. I have 3 cars with grey can motors and they are around 2000 rpm faster than the blue can. The silver can with the rectangular vent holes is slightly faster and smoother than the blue can. The pink can is a lot slower, around 5000 rpm slower than a blue can. They all had blind bearings at the can end. Later cars came out with a dull brass coloured can with a 'through' bearing on the can side with similar performance to the blue can.
  2. I run them in my plastic home track with Group 12 motors, but i do have very long straights an wide radius bends.
  3. Hi All, I run these motors on my home track with a 30 foot main straight. The pink is a bit faster that the Homeset Black, the deathstar is a bit faster than the pink, the white is a bit faster than the Deathstar, the Balanced green is the fastest. Hope this helps. Keith Moister.
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