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  1. those are sweet - and they will be doing a gt40. wonder how much.
  2. will be a resident for a bit. just to see how it pans out.
  3. tractanz


    Hi buddy, I have one of those bodies new and unpainted which you can have for free. Call me on Hastings 068787949 and I will get your address off you and send it. Regards Mike W hi mike, ill give you a call tomorrow from work, cheers.
  4. will there be a ute category soon? (cant wait till i get over there to race. and build my track now). oh the joyyyyy !!
  5. tractanz


    thanks ember. good spotting. will look into it a bit more seriously now. and find some old dunga's to steal the chassis off.
  6. tractanz


    so i was thinking the other day (a somewhat unusual occurence) how much fun it would be to have a ute to race or drive. i was watching the tv over here in kiwiland and it had the v8 ute series on. looks like a bit of fun i thought to myself. i wonder if anyone makes them in 1/32. so far the answer i have found is no. does anyone know if they are made and if they are where can i get one. im thinking it might just be the obdy and id need to paint it - which im ok with. also i know nascar has trucks (utes for us) as well, slightly different but the same question - i havent seen of them either and would like some. so any ideas on where to look ?
  7. tractanz

    New Cars

    lady luck and ace of spades look outstanding, saw them on the powerslotcars website, think they may both be my next purchase. after the general lee of course. if i can find somewhere that has them in nz. otherwise back to powerslots it is. unless someon e over there has a better suggestion? ahhh found. armchair racer is new friend.
  8. tractanz


    hahaha nope, no name change. hm, might even have to paint up a black and silver commodore in the old team kiwi colours. now theres a thought.
  9. tractanz


    Moving to Perth hey! Have you checked out our website!!! www.wascrg.com about to be a few big changes as scorpius is soon to grace our shores! Welcome aboard...and to Australia Regs, Dave hi dave, sure have seen the website, im looking forward to getting over there and doing some racing. and track building. and racing. and winning. eventually
  10. can these still be obtained at all anyone know?? both the falcon and the torana? they are awesome.
  11. tractanz


    thanks emb, started to look into it already. certainly looks like a good fun scene out there. also seen some of your threads, you do some amazing work.
  12. thanks guys. building from scratch could be interesting but i just want to race haha. maybe in time ill do that. mowhawkk, ill do that and repost here. cheers. dangermouse, thats an awesome car plenty of detail to. impressive. thanks silver rocket. and they have midgets. awesome. my new almost favourite site i reckon. now to build an oval dirt 1/4 mile track.
  13. hi a while ago while browsing I saw someone had a sprint car that they had either purchased or built. just wondering if anyone knows about these? i mean the ones that race around the dirt track with the big wings - like american outlaw sprint cars. (just for clarification)
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