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  1. Hi Slot Beginner, Mate I have a few people interested at the moment but no one has parted with any cash as yet as I have been away with work! Were you keen on it as a going concern? Cheers, Foggy
  2. Hi Guys, Sorry I have been away for so long but I've been posted away with my work, so I have kind of dropped of the face of the earth for a while!! Collector... I have never had that problem my self.... not sure why yours would be doing that?? Guys unfortunately with my work situation I have to sell up all my toys!! :-( It looks like I have to move and I have absolutely no room for toys at the moment!!! I'm willing to sell my setup as a going concern or split up to what ever package your interested in. Feel free to make me an offer on what you want and I will consider any reasonable one put forward. All the gear is very lightly used and in perfect working order! Oh and I also have the hardware for PC lap counter that I got from Europe as well! Cheers, Foggy
  3. Hi Guys I know its been a while and lots has happened since the last time I was on here, but mot of importantly I have been able to do some more to my track! I have also devised a way to raise the whole set up using a winch for when I need the space for other things.... If anyone is keen to see that let me know and I can put up some photos for you! Cheers, Foggy
  4. Hi DrGore, Most of what the other guys have said is exactly true, the digital system for the SCX is a plunge style, which makes it very cost effective to run, as the track is cheaper because the activator is in the car and not at every intersection! But you do need to use the SCX digi chip for sure, there has been people convert some different brand cars... but with the range we have coming out now most are more than happy to stay with SCX brand!! Feel free to go to our website www.bbhobbies.com.au or look us up on Facebook under "SCX Australia" for all the new range coming in this year... We have some crackers!!! Anyway I hope you and all your friends enjoy your SCX Digital racing as much as we do!! Cheers, Foggy
  5. Thanks Kevin, Stranbridge Hobbies in Perth stock SCX digital so they would be your closest dealer, they should be able to order any parts they don't have if not in stock. If you have no luck let me know! Cheers, Sean
  6. foggy

    Bossman Raceway

    Well done great job! Glen did you make the 1/15 scale out of an RC car? Cheers, Foggy
  7. Yeah I agree, I put that same video up on the SCX Australia facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/SCX-Australia/141513489202329 Cheers, Foggy
  8. Thanks Dave, Yeah the night went pretty smooth, I think everyone had a great time! Racing the digital definitely puts a whole new dimension on it doesn't it, fantastic fun!! Just the multi cars on 2 or so lanes most of the time, and being able to pass other people and chose racing lines is fantastic, not to mention throwing in pit stops and strategies!! :whip2: Bring on the Digital I say!! Cheers, Sean
  9. Well the first official SCX Digital race night at Creekside Raceway was a big success! There was some very close racing through out the night with 6 cars on the track, it made it very exciting for all involved. Rod Thomson took out the honors and the brand new Digital NASCAR for the night with a very close Darren Rath and Moby on his tail! A big thank you to all that made it and I look forward to see you all back next time for another fantastic night! Cheers, Foggy
  10. That's OK John there will be plenty more nights coming up, I will try and give a bit more notice next time!
  11. Hi Guys, Just thought I would throw out some invitations to come over on Saturday night the 28th of August for a SCX digital race night! Start time will be around 5pm for a 6pm start. Racing will be a series of heats with knock out races 6 cars at a time (with Fuel stops) Entry fee will be $5 for the night with a BRAND NEW SCX digital car up for grabs for the winner! Location is on the north side of Brisbane(let me know if your keen and I will PM you the address) Guys this will be a low key not to serious night so bring along your beers and I will throw on some snags for a sausage sizzle! You will need an SCX digital car to enter, however I do have limited cars here you can borrow if needs be! No classes this time, just run what you brung! For photos of the layout check out this thread http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?sho...mp;#entry134571 Cheers, Foggy P.S. I have started a SCX Australia page on face book if anyone is interested! Just search "SCX Australia" on Face book, then click on "like"
  12. Ok I cant leave things alone untill I am 100% happy and I had a bit of a play tonight with some track changes!! Cheers, Foggy
  13. Thanks Billy Cart, I have tried to combine the nice big straight aways and the tight infield like you said and your dead right, makes for good racing!! I was once told by a very smart man...or was he very drunk???....... I don't know I cant remember?? Anyway he said....... "To Grow old is mandatory, but to grow up is an option"......... I live by it! Cheers, Foggy
  14. Thanks Embs, Yes I,m sure there is orders going out that are smaller than mine, and I still haven't got everything yet! Hehe!! I guess at the end of the day I need people to see what is available in the SCX range and let them have a play. Cheers, Foggy
  15. Thanks Guys........... Yes yes, you've picked me in one, I am a big kid! Don't worry Bandit they will only be subtle changes I think at this stage, but I'm sure there will be some tweaking going on. Cheers, Foggy
  16. Hi Guys, Well I had some SCX gear turn up on Friday!! But alas I couldn't touch it as it was my darling wife's Birthday, So needles to say there was plenty of trips into the shed that night I snuck to show all the boys what I had!! Anyway Saturday night after I recovered, I cracked the seal of the first SCX digital set and started the initial set up....... 2.30am I decided to hit the sack!! Its by no means finished as I still have a few things to ad to it, and I will probably change the lay out a half a dozen times before I am really happy with it. Anyway once I have it all sorted out I will be having some digital racing for anyone that is interested. I am going to look at running the RMS software when it comes to organising the racing, has anyone had any feed back on this software? Cheers for looking, Foggy
  17. foggy

    Gisborne Track

    Squeeze great job mate coming along nicely! I do think digital is the way forward, it ads a new dimension to slot racing! Cheers, Foggy
  18. Guys I just got the word today that there should be a brand new Livery for the Cuda coming out in January 2011!! I will keep you up to speed as I find out anything! Cheers, Foggy
  19. Mopardevil you may already know but they make most of the new SCX cars with the stub axles so they can be easily converted to digital if needed, and yes they have done an exceptional job on the Cuda! Definitely one of my favorite classics for sure! Re the other liveries coming out DM I'm not entirely sure as of yet!!...I will look into it but!! Cheers boys, Foggy
  20. John looking fantastic mate I really hope I can make it over on Sunday! Whats the traction like? Cheers, Foggy
  21. Ems there are 2 available, black/silver and a blue/yellow! I have friends that have both of them and they run them in the Carrera class we run at Red Racer Hobbies and they don't go to bad! The only thing I didn't like about them is you cant shim the magnets and the wing breaks off! I have a Carrera 911 and it is a rocket!!! All I needed to do is shim the magnets and put some trued race tyres on and I am constantly at the break out time for most of the night. I must say the Audi R8 is quite a bit cheaper than the old models and a really cool addition is they include a guide that is made for Scalextric and SCX (no more having to file the guide down). Cheers, Foggy
  22. Looking great mate, I bet your getting excited now that you can see a light at the end of the tunnel! Cheers, Foggy
  23. Nulla that would have to be one of the best I've seen, love the rims! Cheers, Foggy
  24. foggy

    Viper Valley Raceway

    Shane fantastic job mate!! I love your wall of cars!! I can see me having one of them very soon.................Much to my wife's disgust!!! Cheers, Foggy
  25. Embs........Wow!! I probably wont say anything that hasn't been said before, but that is a fantastic job, love the commitment to detail you have put in!! Keep up the great work and I cant wait to see the updates. Cheers, Foggy
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