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  1. These Javelins are great cars easy to set up & easy to drive pity when Scalextric made new editions of the Mustang & Camaro that they did not give them inline chassis , were I race at on a Friday night they have won the Muscle Car catagory quite a few times & are now the car to beat since they were introduced . Richard
  2. baford

    Professor Motor News

    great news can't wait till they are back
  3. WOW thankyou so much for the reply looking so forward to getting back to racing slot cars again i have my own Scalextric track here in Cairns about 48 feet long but nothing beats racing can not wait to start again the commercial places sound great & also the clubs look good as well once again thankyou so much Richard
  4. In about 6 - 8 months my wife & I are moving back to Sydney from Cairns & once again I would like to do slot car racing we used to live on the Central Coast NSW & I used to race there every Friday night but this time it will be a bit to far to travel as we will be living in the Bankstown area I was wondering if anyone had any surgestions as they would be a great help if I have to travel up to about 30min drive that would not worry me , I like racing 1/32 scale non magnet or magnet either way also like racing , Slot It , Ninco , Scalextric , Carrera & V8 Supercars any manufacture as long as its 1/32 also wood or plastic track does not worry me hopefully someone will be able to give me some advice or help Richard
  5. baford

    We're Back

    who ever fixed the problem a big thankyou Richard
  6. baford

    New Track - Bonython

    This looks like its going to be 1 nice looking track Richard
  7. thats pretty cool looking car Richard
  8. wow thats nice , me wonders why Carrera who has the Ferrari licence are not doing more of these type of cars could go nicely with there other can am cars Richard
  9. baford

    Haig Park

    Thats a really nice looking track I was wondering how long is it Richard
  10. Nice looking track also love the squeezes Richard
  11. baford

    Armchair Racer

    so sorry to hear Kevin is leaving Armchair he was the one who has been a huge help to me when I bought my track & cars of before moving to Cairns you will be missed Richard
  12. nice looking track you should be proud of your effort Richard
  13. baford

    Moffat Falcon

    My Falcon I finally bought 1 , just changed the wheels to NSR & raised the driver up a bit Richard
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