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  1. Yes , forget Ebay for a while. I think the trade section here may get some my business.
  2. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. I sent 2 airmail (letter sized) items to the UK on 27th March and 1 has arrived .. on the 1st June. The other one is gone , somewhere ! As it was caught up in the first of the Covid 19 lockdowns we experienced at the start of April it seems it may be buried in a ton of other backlog post, hopefully to arrive soon. I am currently tracking a parcel I posted to SA on the 10th . Lets see how long it will take AustPost to get the item there. Remembering that they are still under Covid 19 rules.
  3. Hi, are the guide and braid the standard ones that come with the chassis? If so, I haven't had any problems so far ... also have friends who have run this same chassis for a while and haven't had any problems either. Cheers, Michael
  4. Great work, these liverys are all excellent... this one has to be my favourite.
  5. Hi everyone, I run my cars with these slimline motors (the modern Scalextric & MRRC) with a Parma 60 OHM controller and find it the best thing I ever purchased. All of these cars are now smooth and so much more controlable that they are at last fun to drive .... we use 12 volt car battery as the power supple were I run these. I've raced the Ferrari from this set a lot and even though it looks quite fragile it's a robust little bugger that can take a ton of punishment and multi car pile ups easily. Oops, forgot to mention that the rear tyres on both the Scaley Ferrari & McLaren mentioned in this thread are crap and have very little grip. I use Urethane tyres on rear of both of these cars now, and the change in how they run now is incredible.
  6. mirrorman

    Nsr Ford P68

    Thanks for the great review and history on the car ... this car sure is a beauty and was one of those MUST HAVES for me. Cheers.
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