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  1. are there any pics of the tracks these cars are running?
  2. Both cars look great..... though the BASF stripping is playing tricks with my eyes ..... really hides the body edges
  3. I had orig. slotit tyres on & loved the sound of the car coming out & over the bridge/straight....... all motors sound good at full song.
  4. neil

    Track Design

    Yep.... No.1 aswell....... with the infeild run a litle longer/ as allowable..... & the bottom left corners smoothed out like a wave / not corners ....... my point is all designs have an on/off throttle type aproach to driving........ my track is like this & gets annoying..... after a recent visit to Penriths new (larger track) I enjoyed this heaps ...... Fast straight.. smooth & tight corners..... & a flowing section where you can Drive comfortably @ 1/2 throttle or challenge your reflexes
  5. never got to drive the smaller one/still wiring....... but the larger one was a good drive..... nice curves.
  6. Hey Chenglaw...... interested with what looks like a screw in the front wheel.....what is it& what does it do?
  7. looking forward to see some great pics.... track "walk through" & "history" (even if it is fictatious ) commentaries from their owners... & some more great Pics.... Good luck to the entrants & thanks to those among the organizing & running of........ this is gonna be a good one
  8. love the idea of using the Mother sled for extra rear wheel traction
  9. Free to good home.... Black Ferodore ... What looks to be just under 2Ltr.s worth..... A light skin has formed in can though should still be O.K. to use with the usual prep. Pick up from Liverpool area.. Will dispose by Fri 27.07.14. if no interest
  10. the only little bummer is ...... the marshalls reaching across the front of the drivers Stn. when a race is on
  11. thinking same...
  12. you know the saying.... "the bigger the shed,, the more Shite you put in"........Lot's & Lot's of slot car shite
  13. Cheers drew ...but was after the floor space it's taking up..... Length x Width ..... looks like a great track to build... though I'd have to shorten the the lenght I recon.
  14. Why not charge a little more and use the double sided tape. 2 guys can lay 400 feet of track in a couple or 3 hours. One tapes, the other comes behind pressing it in hard, then you just peel back, then same deal with the braid, one flops it in the slot, the other follows behind giving final press. Actually, I remember the better way is; one leads, holding the roll of braid and unraveling it to suit the layer, who just presses it into place, forcing to the outside edge of the rebate as he goes. You can go about half walking pace in the laying that way. either tape or glue ...... Do you still need to wipe braid down with a solvent to remove any oils ?? ...... or is this old school practice?
  15. 73mate / Motor mate...... have this on auto record,,, every now & the I'll check the menu to see what its (MeTv) has captured... I'll delete the uninteresting & things I've seen,,, never get to watch much though
  16. would you bloody believe it........... ARGHRRR......... Car would've been posted today,, but I'm slack...... so I'm cut'n some laps trying to get the car better than is ..... & the bloody (insert a flurry of explicit words) (& a few more) guide support breaks.....
  17. axle bushes have been knurled,??? what does this do ..... & how is it applied I am right in thinking "Knurl" / "Knurling" is a pattern used for grip on steel shafts/handles.
  18. cheers... have buggered 2 pairs in my attempts..... at the moment,, with my limited experience,, best I concentrate on making a car work well with a given tyre .... that'd be Mjk's.....these being available across most makes will simplify things for now... Thanks again...
  19. Anyone out there know how to true soft tyres...... & would like to share their methods.... I've reluctantly have settled to just gluing to the rim & not touch them at all...... is this the normal procedure given that you have true wheels to begin with........
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