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  1. hey Chenglaw..... any chance of showing how you made/mount motor & axle........ I struggled to make these to my liking,, so I went Pod.
  2. must of been fairly tense with all those cars so close.... can't believe you failed to mention my car ran 1st in the 6 sec. group.... cant remember reading but how is Qualifying ran?.... Best of given laps or time limit or drive till it tops out? cheers again to those involved..
  3. cheers drw21 was starting to think results were taken down due to my comments taken as criticism ....... you know how the written word can be taken out of context...... man I know it...
  4. ok ,, so why am I only counting 24 in the list.... Nitro @ top --Alexis at base.... am I missing something
  5. But when they are going round at speeds........ does it matter..... know a guy does all his jobs by brush,, lines, numbers as well.... look good on the track.
  6. this not a complaint,,, not even a whinge,,, just an input,,, constructive criticismthis not a complaint,,, not even a whinge,,, just an input,,, constructive criticism If there is equal 1st ... they should be listed as equal 2nd's... then 3rd place ... then if there are equal 4th's, they should be listed as equal 5th's... then 6th place my point being is there are 24 cars entered..... but the lowest position shown is 20th.
  7. Maybe....... your approach to driving /testing.... back it off... don't drive 110% in testing ,,,, let the racing test your braking & cornering abilities..
  8. My black Porsche is running a Std. Scaley motor (18.000)..... was yet to be run in,,, forgot what gear I put on....... though I thought you'd recognize the black texta mark
  9. Thanks for the Qualifying..... it got across the line so all's good
  10. don't know if you get to see any of this..... Nice sounding M1,,,,, & a great arse shot of the Porsche..
  11. Well I think it's got one of the best chases (but I dont watch many movies)...... & the part when he's at the bar eating Nachos.... makes me hungry
  12. Has anyone compiled a list of..... "the must watch Race Movies"..... last decent car movie I've seen was Death Proof ... but was not a "race movie"..
  13. Exactly.And this fact does not justify personal insults. Dave,Lim,Chas,its not about the penalty,its about a pm i received on this subject that i consider insulting. I stand by my decision Alexis, I understand your feelings and sometimes things are hard to swallow. But Dave has been man enough to make his public apology, so can we see some of that mythical Greek wisdom and have you reverse your decision? Whoever it was who was dumb and cowardly enough to hide behind the anonymity of a malicious PM is really the one who should be excluded from this proxy! If he is man enough, let him own up and tell us what he said! yes,,,,, please tell... so far, this looks like I'm the guilty party .... to the unknowing out there.... or at least clear my name...... shhheeesh edit ...... or we can get the moderators on the case
  14. Far out .... they are only toy cars... Bloody Politics Ruin Everything
  15. Didn't even notice the armco..... was in awe of the nicely placed rocks in the grass work... great shot.
  16. neil

    Tony Stewart

    yeah,,,,, 2 wrongs don't make a right... that's for sure..... Sad thing is,, a life was lost on the track,,, for resons far from what the the track represents. with out being 1 sided.... the best I can say is I feel sorry for all that was involved...
  17. Another shameless plug of your fantastic scenery...... lol
  18. Cheers ....... I was thinking along the lines of ...... SCX Pro cars ,,,, or ,,,, Scaletrix Pro cars... or some brand I've never heard of....... I
  19. whats a Pro car? ................................ pics & explanations please
  20. thanks to the organiser's of R1....
  21. Whats the chances of vid. of Qualifying procedures of all rounds or some at least would like to see my car in action compared to others
  22. neil

    Glue Or D/s Tape?

    yep.. . a bit more work ..... but.... "tried & proven" is peace of mind...... Especially for home tracks where you might want to re use the braid on the next track
  23. neil

    Glue Or D/s Tape?

    With Glue ..... (prey it doesn"t happen soon or often) but when braid does eventually lift..... sticking the braid back down is a simple job.... with Tape ..... how do you fix the small area if this happens....... Another thought.... if I needed to remove "Glued" braid from the track i use concentrated heating to unstick ..... or soak braid in luiqids to clean. How can "Taped" braid be removed from track if needed
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