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  1. Hey all ,, 

       Like most I’m restricted with getting out & now I find myself spending money on cars again  & back here searching for answers…

            Spent the past hour (I feel) looking on a way to tighten up those loose carrera front stubs… anyone know of a posting or remedy… cheers. 

  2. Having a beer and pizza afternoon / night at my place on the 3rd January to work out .... classes, tracks and dates


    No racing just talking shite and having a laugh (there's half the group gone) bring your new chrissy present if you want to show it off, if not bring an example of what class you want to run so that there isn't any confusion.


    PM me or reply here if your tuning up


    peace, love and hash browns

  3. SlotsNZ ...... thanks.. I'm grateful that the guide mount is still connected to the chassis... body damage is always going to happen.. I'm not fazed... but thanks again...


    Big thumbs up to all who are a part of this series..... also really impressed with (the care taken & the efforts to show us) handling & deliveries of our cars....


    & the racing is good to .....

  4. Neil - just looked at your car. Just using the "eye-ometer" it looks pretty flat.


    From the rear, it is possible that the left rear corner is slightly above the plane of flat.... but not a lot, and the pod would allow the rear to sit flat, but the overall car would be a little twisted and unload a little unevenly from one side to the other . . maybe . . . only a maybe.

    It was smooth to drive.


    Sorry, I confess I had the worst run with it, I really struggled with lack of brakes the first few laps, and had about 5 de-slots.

    I eventually just moved to cruise mode, squirting it in the straights, and backing off the throttle half way down each straight to make it around the corner, and I couldn't give it hardly any squirt till it was back in a straight line or it tripped over the front corner.

    sounds excatly the way it left these shores.... my tyres sitting in packs must have gone off..... 3 diff. offerings & none were better than the other ..... & I swear that chassis was sweet to drive with a S'it motor..... till I mounted the body........ So back to a Scaley 18'000 I went,, & over geared (too much) thinking it would tame the loose rear & give it legs....... & that there,,, is learning.

  5. yeah ..... that's the result of using whats in the box..... I am contempt with the out come... with more focus on trying to make a nice body & getting a chassis built using dif. approaches, plus failures,, it left little time ( for the un-experienced ) to concentrate on the more important aspects of a "Race Car" ..... the tunining. ....

    But not too worries... I'm enjoying the learning... Can Am is only around the corner.

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