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  1. Sorry to hear this.. Met the man few times.. all great experiences. RIP you fine man.
  2. GT class .... should be NO GT3 cars ... Period. Other wise what's the point of seperate class
  3. I was going for it.... But then I saw the lasagna. Bloody slot cars is bad for my health,, more calories in than out.
  4. Best wishes & thoughts from Kev & I to Allison & all of the family.
  5. Hi all. Kevs missing a Scale auto pro wrench. Was last seen in bottom draw. Has any one borrowed this as this has happened many times before. Cheers
  6. Hey Kev. Ask him what cars are we running next meet.
  7. What cars mate? & cheers, have a great week end
  8. Won't be there. See you next time
  9. Hi phil & others. Coming along tonight for the free feed
  10. neil

    Ebay Mini Lathe

    I bought one of these... Save your $$$. Apart from main bed, all else is plastic & sloppy.
  11. neil

    Season One

    Hi, plans changed. Enjoy the beers & pizza
  12. neil

    Season One

    mind if I come for beer & pizza
  13. yeah,,, laugh it up buddy.... I'm learning next attempt will be running in the......?? We'll ,,, it'll be running better
  14. I get the part where you lust for a car....fight your emotions will or wont I purchase.... & yeah to turn up & find it gone ,,,, heart brake
  15. yeah... great Q round.... I like the comments I.ve been receiving through the series,, Smoooooooth ,, (but slugish) ..... LOL..... can we change it to... .... "Hey,, guide is still there"
  16. cheers again to those involved...... Round 6 has just stepped up the expectations of the remaining rounds... lol ...... great effort
  17. SlotsNZ ...... thanks.. I'm grateful that the guide mount is still connected to the chassis... body damage is always going to happen.. I'm not fazed... but thanks again... Big thumbs up to all who are a part of this series..... also really impressed with (the care taken & the efforts to show us) handling & deliveries of our cars.... & the racing is good to .....
  18. sounds excatly the way it left these shores.... my tyres sitting in packs must have gone off..... 3 diff. offerings & none were better than the other ..... & I swear that chassis was sweet to drive with a S'it motor..... till I mounted the body........ So back to a Scaley 18'000 I went,, & over geared (too much) thinking it would tame the loose rear & give it legs....... & that there,,, is learning.
  19. can anyone tell me if my chassis is still straight..... probably 1/2 a milllimeter from perfect when left here.... curious to know how hand built chassis is holding up
  20. yeah ..... that's the result of using whats in the box..... I am contempt with the out come... with more focus on trying to make a nice body & getting a chassis built using dif. approaches, plus failures,, it left little time ( for the un-experienced ) to concentrate on the more important aspects of a "Race Car" ..... the tunining. .... But not too worries... I'm enjoying the learning... Can Am is only around the corner.
  21. Only 1 thing worse than watching my car slowly go down the ladder,,,, & that is... I'm not getting a good feed with every race meet.. but the guide/mount is still in place, so can't all be bad... thanks for Round 4.. bring on 5.
  22. cheers for the link... Was looking forward to see the racing but gave up following.... 6mins till empty huh would've thought,, least 10min.
  23. hey Chenglaw..... any chance of showing how you made/mount motor & axle........ I struggled to make these to my liking,, so I went Pod.
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