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  1. Hey all ,, Like most I’m restricted with getting out & now I find myself spending money on cars again & back here searching for answers… Spent the past hour (I feel) looking on a way to tighten up those loose carrera front stubs… anyone know of a posting or remedy… cheers.
  2. Sorry to hear this.. Met the man few times.. all great experiences. RIP you fine man.
  3. GT class .... should be NO GT3 cars ... Period. Other wise what's the point of seperate class
  4. I was going for it.... But then I saw the lasagna. Bloody slot cars is bad for my health,, more calories in than out.
  5. Best wishes & thoughts from Kev & I to Allison & all of the family.
  6. Hi all. Kevs missing a Scale auto pro wrench. Was last seen in bottom draw. Has any one borrowed this as this has happened many times before. Cheers
  7. Hey Kev. Ask him what cars are we running next meet.
  8. What cars mate? & cheers, have a great week end
  9. Won't be there. See you next time
  10. Hi phil & others. Coming along tonight for the free feed
  11. neil

    Ebay Mini Lathe

    I bought one of these... Save your $$$. Apart from main bed, all else is plastic & sloppy.
  12. neil

    Season One

    Hi, plans changed. Enjoy the beers & pizza
  13. neil

    Season One

    mind if I come for beer & pizza
  14. yeah,,, laugh it up buddy.... I'm learning next attempt will be running in the......?? We'll ,,, it'll be running better
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