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  1. Thanks guys its taken me a long time due to arthritis problems. I'm going to put it up for sale soon.
  2. Hi It’s been a long time coming but here is an update on my track. All working. Enjoy Pit lanes and start line Having a track that can split in two and on wheels is very convenient Hope you like it. Wyldthing
  3. It lives On Saturday night the first cars ran on my layout. First impressions are it's technical. The acent to the bridge causes the car to light before the left hander. The decent to the S bend can also catch you our. Wiring the layout was fun. Being able to split the layout and having it on a steel frame meant we could tip it to run the wires. Next step the pit entry flippers. Greg
  4. I've got the same problem. I tried sticking down the flock with watered down PVA and the flock just sticks together like a carpet and not to the MDF. Very frustrating. Plus since I use blackboard paint for my running surface I'm afraid the over spray would damage the track surface. Is this true? Greg
  5. Thanks guys I'll give the pen a go
  6. Hi guys I've been trying to line the side of my track however the effect has been less than desirable. I was told to use correction tape, the type that comes out of a dispenser like tipex however the material is very fickle and very difficult to apply (see photos) Any suggestions would be be great. Greg
  7. I'm with you Craig the 1979 winner looked great
  8. No, I do that too ... Cheers Richard What a relief I thought I was the only one. Greg I was doing exactly that on the weekend looking for exactly what you found, but didn't find it. What section of Bunnings did you find it? Cheers I found it in the plastic molding section for dress corners etc for shelving. Sth Penrith Bunnings. The code on the bar code sticker is 9 314555 002701 CVH STRIP Cheers
  9. No, I do that too ... Cheers Richard What a relief I thought I was the only one. Greg
  10. Once again it’s time for an update (because Schuey said I had to) Spent the last two days fencing the layout, putting in some crash barriers and doing some bridge work. I was wondering around Bunning trying to find material to use (does anyone else do this or am I just weird?) and found this 50mm plastic strip which looked good for concrete barriers. I routed a 6mm slot 6mm deep in the shape I needed and tapped them in position. Also used it on the overhead sections. I think it looks good. Anyway a long weekend put to good use. Wyldthing
  11. Embs just discovered your entries (still trying to work this stuff out). Looks great, the scenery is a real inspiration. Greg
  12. BTW the road base was undercoated first. The first coat has now been completed and I will attempt the second coat tonight.
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