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  1. Last FB post 29th May...... “Under the Covid 19 directive all indoor tracks in NSW are classified as indoor amusements and hobbies and as such cannot reopen until the introduction of Stage 2 of the directive, at this time there is still no definite date as to when this will be, we will reopen as soon as legally possible. Stay safe and be patient, all contact is done directly with the Hornsby Slot Car's website, not this page, thanks”
  2. Their FB page seems to say they are closed due to COVID and that any contact should go through their website...dated 29 May
  3. Yes same here....I wonder if it was ever read by someone with influence
  4. Vinno is right....
  5. My guess is these cars... from a 1990 set I think it was
  6. Hey guys, just popped in as I was researching something. Has been a while. I myself haven’t been around as the last 4 years has seen me have kidney failure, dialysis, then a transplant so my focus went way off the hobby.. now I’m doing up a real sized car to pass the time. great to see a few familiar names hanging here. Hope you’re all not going stir crazy in these weird times and staying safe. cheers Paul
  7. Try Brunel hobbies in Victoria .. They list having that kit for $15 Edit crap, just noticed you’re in the UK
  8. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1445194312433095/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/575189445943351/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/205854322904141/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/auslotcaracers/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/1502510123384306/ That should keep you busy looking for awhile Paul
  9. I mustn’t have been paying attention they were all way too large........ This guy might be worth a talk to while you’re waiting for other answers/options.. https://m.facebook.com/Tracks.by.andrew/
  10. I’ve seen a few in some FB slot groups recently...I’ll go see if I can get some links for you
  11. I thought that too but is smacks of the big fella ripping off the little fellah time and time again...a bit like that other joke known as the "Global shipping program" Indeed, what a rip off that is, actual shipping costs are about a 1/4 of that
  12. Wow around 40% import fees is a absolute joke....... I thought countries were trying to encourage a global economy, that tax says otherwise
  13. Indeed...looking good so far.... Have fun
  14. It has been revealed today that Purvis has been partially resurrected. New parts will be able to be sourced. I guess we will see if the actual full car makes a comeback...... Original owner Allan is also on the hunt for the missing/stolen Purvis Free Spirit which disappeared from the showroom 30 years ago..... Quote..... “Shane Purvis Nope. The prototype/ Free Spirit concept & associated development & intellectual property Was not part of sale price to CL. She had no interest in the FS what so ever. She said she would build her own Convertible in fact. AND, she did. Someone may have a pic of her naive attempt. I took $40,000 of the sale price to keep the concept for myself. She did however, agree to look after/ store the prototype, but with no responsibility. ( we agreed it would be a point of interest for her customers to enjoy ) I was to move it out, if she was ever short of space. I drove into her factory one afternoon to check on her progress & the FS. It was gone. I was told by a young guy ( only person there) that some guy backed in a trailer one day when Coleen was out. He said HE had been asked to pick up the FS & deliver it somewhere !??? Neither he, ( the young guy I spoke to when visiting ) or the other person there at the time it was taken, could remember who he was OR WHERE, he said he was taking it. Coleen knew nothing about it, as she wasn’t there at the time. Have no doubt guys ! The Free Spirit belongs entirely to me / myself & the Purvis Family !!! There you go guys. The real story. Allan Purvis.”
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