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  1. Jimmy, it's the races that I didn't video that had some of the worst crashes. Some took a lot of time to get to and put the cars back on the track. Charles, we don't have a pause button and if we held up all the cars in the race it would disadvantage them against any races which weren't "paused".
  2. All the short wheelbase cars were a bit of a handful on Alistair's track except jimmyslots. His cars weigh twice as much as everyone else's so it's bound to be drivable.
  3. Planning to run the first round this Sunday at Alvaro's. Cheers Paul
  4. Time for some videos. Aloha, charlesx and curef99 ALS, Shaynus and Pepsi old man, Nonfractual and BARacer ArroldN, Supercharged and Nev Supercharged, Alvaro and DP201 Alvaro, DP201 and BrumosRSR bov, Sports Racer and sticks Brooksy, 32coupe and jimmyslots lancelot, JohnnieE and Dixie The camera ran out of power and I missed filming Peter Gunn's car. Here's a post race review of all the cars, in race finishing order, sorry for the audio quality. Post race review
  5. I wonder if the Scaleauto motor has a magnet side and a non-magnet side like some longcans have. I'll check and if it does are you ok for me to rotate the motor so it doesn't have as much magnetic downforce?
  6. Storm in a teacup. All the high magnetic motored car owners have been contacted and all were unaware that their motors would infringe the rules. They have taken different options to resolve the issue and I'm happy to continue with this proxy knowing all the cars will be on a level playing field. Videos of Sunday's racing to come but some are really embarrassing for us drivers. Oh the shame.
  7. Hi all The first race was a mess. Each car was raced for a total of 6 minutes over 3 lanes and we were so out of practice there were a lot of deslots. With only 1 marshall a lot of cars missed out on getting good results. It was so bad that the car that lapped 3rd fastest finished the race in 22 place. Because of this I've decided this round won't be an official race but the lap times will sort the race order for the real first round next week. Here are the lap times and magnetic downforce as measured by a magnet marshall. All car owners with cars over 30g have been contacted to see how they want to proceed. Name Magnetic downforce Lap Time Peter Gunn 75 6.175 Dixie 52 6.256 JohnnieE 32 6.328 Alvaro 5 6.355 32coupe 11 6.371 lancelot 23 6.391 jimmyslots 1950 2 6.469 Supercharged 5 6.560 Sports Racer 9 6.582 DP201 6 6.629 Brooksy 21 6.642 bov 9 6.679 Nev 8 6.688 sticks 5 6.707 old man 28 6.719 ArroldN 5 6.792 Aloha 29 6.826 BrumosRSR 7 6.848 Nonfractal 54 6.902 Shaynus 23 6.960 BARacer 13 7.001 Pepsi62 3 7.008 curef99 22 7.236 ALS 14 7.372 charlesx 51 7.382 When you see the videos you'll understand why I cancelled this round - it's pretty humiliating and shows how bad you get when you haven't driven a slot car for 2 months. Here's the finishing order based on number of laps completed. Regards Paul
  8. I saw a video of the 1/24 wing cars doing sub 2 second laps and the caption was "fastest motorsport in the world". When you think about it it's true, so from now on I'm not telling everyone I race slot cars, I going to tell them I race the fastest motorsport in the world.
  9. We have a race! Tomorrow (Sunday) on Alistair's track. Pics and race results will be posted tomorrow night with videos added later in the week. I'll also let you know which cars failed the Magnet Marshal test and automatically get a 5 point penalty. The penalty will be applied for each track we race on with magnabraid, which is most of the tracks in the proxy. Cheers Paul
  10. I can't find an invitation to the next one.
  11. How come the invitations have been deleted?
  12. From this Friday Canberra allows up to 5 visitors to a home. I've asked if anyone can run a race this weekend, waiting for a reply. Cheers Paul
  13. Not yet, everyone is still worried about covid. I'm following up a request to race after work sometime this week.
  14. First round will be next weekend - 9th or 10th October. I tried for this weekend but the track owner was sick. I'll keep you posted. Cheers Paul
  15. I’m trying to find someone willing to open up their home to race.
  16. Do you know how to count to 4 in binary on your fingers?
  17. Woohhoo The latest news is: From Friday 1 October - two people able to visit another household at any one time, for any reason. So guess what I'll be doing this Saturday! Now I just have to find a track. Cheers Paul
  18. Hopefully we'll be able to get Round 1 of this proxy started soon. We've been told that the covid restrictions will ease the first Monday after double-dose vaccinations reach 70% in NSW (my home state). Currently it's at 57.6% and predictions are that we will hit 70% by mid October. Up to 5 visitors will be allowed in a home which is more than enough to race. Canberra is in another state (ACT) and restrictions look like continuing for some time to come but it's hoped they will follow NSW's lead and ease their restrictions at 70% as well. Restrictions in ACT will be reviewed 15 October. So it looks like we may be racing in a couple of weeks. I've got my fingers crossed. And thanks everyone for your patience, it's been a tough time and your support is greatly appreciated. Cheers Paul
  19. This year there are so many cars with similar times on the test track it can only mean one thing. Every race is going to be close. I’m predicting this year it will go down to the final race.
  20. Has to be standard for the class we race. I bought another Mercedes but it would be nice to have 2 to race.
  21. Pat probably still has the cars but we never went back to camera cars after the one night we all tried racing them. Lap times are about double compared to racing without a camera and goggles. Fun to try once but not for the serious racer. Cheers Paul
  22. I’ve added the video to the first post. Just need to work out how to use my iPad to edit the lap times neatly to put Aloha at 2.41 and Lance at 2.19. For 2 cars that look identical they are so different to drive. It’s as if they were deliberately built at opposite ends of a scale to make sure one of them would do well no matter what track they race on.
  23. I could do that. All the quick cars first then the Renaults.
  24. That's great news. Now all we need is local covid restrictions to ease and allow home visits. Even if they allow only one visitor we could get this show on the road. There's talk of some restrictions being eased 17 September and I'll try for Peter's track. 2 lane copper tape track so there won't be any issues with magnetic downforce.
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