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  1. I can’t see any reason to change the existing rules so if it ain’t broke etc. ‘Recovering from open heart surgery isn’t a nice thing but nowhere as bad as I was told it would be so I’ll put up a timeframe for this years proxy soon. Cheers Paul.
  2. I’m still in hospital but have had the quadruple bypass. There’s no scars from a lobotomy so all good and I should be going home in a week. I’ll get everyone’s cars on eBay, er, in the post soon after. Cheers Paul PS. I don’t recommend open heart surgery for anyone. The day before I walked 3 ks to the shops and back. Now I struggle to walk across the room here in the hospital without collapsing in a heap.
  3. Sorry guys, had a slight hiccup which has delayed sending the cars back. I had a heart attack last week and I’m in hospital waiting for heart surgery next week. I’ll be home in 2 weeks and will get the cars out then. Cheers Paul
  4. https://www.supertires.com/ Make sure you ask for Yellowdogs as they do silicone tyres as well. The postage cost is high so I usually get a few other people to add to the order and share costs.
  5. I'll start posting the cars back next week. With a bit of luck I can find your original box and post back to the sending address.
  6. Sports Racer

    M2 Allen Keys

    $5 each with free shipping on ebay https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/Hex-Wrench-Driver-0-9mm-White-Steel-Allen-Screwdriver-For-R-C-Helicopter-10/264888104844?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 I normally buy 3 at a time and they last me about 6 months each before I manage to snap the end off through my own clumsiness.
  7. I've sometimes used a piece of rubber hose, cut and trimmed to shape to fill in the gap between the short can motor and the long can pod. Make sure the internal dia of the hosepipe is the same size as the protrusion on the end of the small can and the outside dia is big enough for the job. Very cheap and effective alternative.
  8. No strange driving technique, it's just super fast to drive no matter who drove it. My car handled marginally better but 32coupe's car was more powerful out of corners despite both cars having orange endbell Slot.it motors. He said he went through all his cars looking for the best 23k motor and borrowed it for his proxy car.
  9. More info as requested. I re-weighed the cars because some of the original weights didn't make sense. Name Mfg (Body / Chassis) Body weight (grams) Model Motor Align Tires Weight Weight rear Weight front % front / rear Sports Racer Scalextric / Scaleauto 19.6 Calibra Slot.it orange endbell IL Yellowdogs 87.3 52.6 34.7 39/61 32coupe SCX / Scaleauto 26.8 Mercedes CLK Slot.it orange endbell SW Yellowdogs 96.0 68.2 27.8 29/71 Aloha Fly / National Racer 24.5 BMW M3 Slot.it black endbell SW Yellowdogs 89.8 54.4 35.4 39/61 Dave P SCX / Scaleauto 29.8 Audi A4 Scaleauto 18k boxer IL Yellowdogs 107.8 69.8 38.0 35/65 Brumos RSR NSR 12.8 Renault Clio shark 21.5 SW NSR 65.6 42.9 22.7 34/66 Interesting to note that 32coupe's rear end weighs more than Brumos's entire car.
  10. Here's a post proxy review of the top 5 cars starting with equal 4th place, Brumos. The other 4th placed car - Dave P. A well deserved 3rd place goes to Aloha. Despite me bribing the drivers (see Round 12 video of the race with my car and 32coupe's) this car still managed to beat me for total wins in the Proxy. 32coupe managed 6 wins to my 5 and finished the Proxy in 2nd place. And on to the winning car. What can I say, it's mine, it's quick and surprised me with it's dominant performance throughout the proxy with a 3rd place being it's worst result over 12 rounds. As you can see, 5 cars and 5 ways to make them fast. Don't ask me for the secret to building a winning proxy car because if I knew I'd build all my cars like this. Let me know if anyone wants more info. Cheers Paul
  11. Someone reminded me about this video. A final review of all the cars.
  12. Will do but life keeps getting in the way. Racing 2 nights this week and AGM on Saturday. I'll try to do the top 5 on Sunday.
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