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  1. You're spoiling my dramatic announcements. Yes we ran the race yesterday and the favourites didn't even make it on the podium. Of all things an American car won the race................ The post race review. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8Wk88jfPMY4
  2. Who knows where to find the Quick Change Drill Handle in Australia?
  3. We were supposed to round this round last week but circumstances etc. This coming Sunday, 1pm local time on Dave's track. It's another power track, suits the cars with boxer motors. Cheers Paul
  4. LOL. I started the IPS back in 2010 and handed it over to Alexis a few years later. The first few years the Aussies dominated that proxy too.
  5. You need to write a book on The Definitive Guide to Slot Car Modifications. I'd buy a copy. Cheers Paul
  6. Put the car on the track, lift the rear tyres so they don't touch and rev it, then lift the car out of the slot. Note how long it takes for the wheels to stop turning. Put the car back, wheels up again. Rev it but instead of taking the car out of the slot, put your finger on both rails (as you back off the throttle so there's no power going to the track). Try it with a wet finger and you'll see the motor stops quicker. Now stick your tongue on both rails as you back off the throttle and see how quick the motor stops. When you pick yourself up off the floor you'll notice that (amongst other things) even though there was no power going to the track your tongue felt like it was stuck to the southern end of a northbound Jumbo jet with the afterburners turned on. That's because a turning electric motor generates electricity which was transferred to your tongue. What your tongue did is create a short circuit, sucking out what little electricity was being generated by the motor. The better the material to create the short the faster the electric motor stops when the throttle is backed right off. Actually there was no need to use your tongue but you're over 2000 miles away and don't know where I live. Cheers Paul
  7. Sticks, I love the efficiency percentage. It shows which cars are easy to drive fast. Something that isn't easy to quantify but definitely relates to proxy cars. Will be interesting to see if these numbers change much as the proxy continues.
  8. Sorry guys, I've been busy with a few things in real life. Now that the covid restrictions have eased I was finally able to drive down with my boys to spend some time with my wife who's working in Melbourne 800 ks away. We haven't seen her in 2 months and she's much more important than racing toy cars. Our cars are quick because we're racing on our home ground. We have tested our cars on these tracks but they still aren't as quick as Radarek's cars which dominated this proxy for the first 2 years, and he's never seen our tracks. If someone wants to run a similar proxy on their local tracks I'll be the first to build a car and send it and because it's only a toy car I won't care about who builds a better car that suits their local tracks. That's what proxy racing is all about, you build a car as best as you can and compare it against other builders. And you learn a little bit more each year. There will always be cars faster and some that are slower but they are still only toy cars. If anyone wants to withdraw let me know and I'll get their car in the post. Next round will be next weekend. Cheers Paul
  9. I have lots of controllers including a few electronic ones but the Frankenstein is my favourite. It may look strange but I use it for all the tracks I race on and all the cars I have.
  10. That looks so much like my real house that I think you may have infringed on my copyright laws.
  11. PM sent re visiting. Cheers Paul
  12. Race results and finishing order. Name Round 2 Laps Round 2 Lap Time Lap time last year Round 2 Points 32coupe 60.43 5.623 5.886 25 Sports Racer 59.88 5.666 5.651 24 Alvaro 59.84 5.682 6.012 23 Brooksy 57.97 6.014 22 Nev 56.57 5.851 21 DP201 56.09 5.983 5.982 20 old man 55.85 5.952 19 lancelot 55.35 6.004 6.165 18 jimmyslots 1950 55.27 5.964 5.914 17 Peter Gunn 54.47 5.903 5.876 16 bov 54.02 5.895 6.200 15 ArroldN 53.82 6.233 5.878 14 Dixie 53.60 6.143 13 Supercharged 53.49 5.973 6.103 12 sticks 53.20 6.078 6.305 11 Aloha 52.35 6.200 5.773 10 JohnnieE 51.54 6.109 9 Nonfractal 51.27 6.390 8 Shaynus 51.06 6.347 6.128 7 ALS 50.84 6.485 6.125 6 Pepsi62 50.70 6.454 6.461 5 curef99 50.10 6.652 6.293 4 BARacer 49.11 6.318 3 BrumosRSR 48.02 6.322 5.746 2 Andrew's post race review. As he's the track owner and has the 1st place car i thought who better to review each car. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=22C2f6m-9hE Race videos to come. Cheers Paul
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