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  1. Will get all the following UK cars in the post this week. BARacer, Dixie, JohnnieE, Nonfractual. Peter Gunn's will be shipped by sea, via both Poles, on a canoe, with a leaky hull. I'll use the original boxes which will have the return addresses. PG's will have a Columbian sticker that says "This container has been hermetically sealed to keep all drugs fresh for use".
  2. 2nd proxy is just a thought at the moment and won't be for the full 10 rounds. Just a small one for the slower cars. Might change my mind in the next 6 months.
  3. Are you already being a PITA ? 18 entrants only. I'm toying with the idea of having anyone who doesn't make the cutoff race in a separate "Best of the Other Machines" proxy where I will allow changes made (if requested) to the cars during the running of the BotOM proxy. This will be a series where we can tinker with the cars to make them better if the owners want us to. Could call it the Assorted Racers Second Entrants proxy.
  4. Got your money, will try not to spend it all in one place.
  5. We may as well start the arguments early this time so here are the rules for the next Touring Car Proxy which will be open for entrants early next year. The only change is motor choice is now limited. The list of eligible motors is open for discussion so will not be finalised until later this year. I like the idea of using only one type of motor (Slot.it orange endbell or Slot.it long can) but it depends on availability especially when we have entrants from all around the world. Rule Number One: Any modification not specifically detailed below needs to be discussed. Bribes of cash, cake or chocolate are encouraged. 1. Body 1.1: Any Injection moulded or resin bodied car from the approved list that is marketed as a 1/32 scale Ready-to-Run (RTR) slot car. No vacuum formed or blow moulded bodies. Max width 63mm. Cars must be from 1990 or later, no cars from the 80's or earlier. Approved List, let me know if I've left a car out. Any BTCC car Any DTM car Alfa 156 GTA Alfa 155 Audi A4 DTM Audi A5 DTM Audi TT DTM BMW 1, 3 or 4 Series Fiat Punto Ford Focus Ford Falcon Holden Commodore Honda Accord Honda Civic Type-R Hyundai Accent Mercedes C-class DTM Mercedes CLK DTM Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution Opel Astra Opel Vectra Opel V8 DTM Coupe Opel Calibra Peugeot 406 Coupe (not Silhouette) Renault Clio Renault Megane SEAT Leon Subaru Imprezza WRX Volvo S60R VW Passat 1.2: Chassis - No restrictions. Body screws should be taped or covered in bluetak to prevent loss. External body parts - mirrors, wipers, wings - though desirable are not required. 1.3: Guide may not project beyond the body as viewed from directly above. Tracks will all be routed wood with 8 mm deep slots. 1.4: Cars must have sufficient ground clearance to permit free running without contacting the track. Cars which drag on the track may be excluded at the track owners’ discretion. 1.5: Clear window material must be used where the real car has clear material. 1.6: Racing numbers must be visible in three places on body. Racing numbers must match. Bodies may be painted in fantasy or realistic liveries. Non-decorated cars (for example plain white kits) are not allowed. Duplicate numbers are allowed but if everyone enters the red #7 Slot.it Alfa 155 I’m going to be reaching for the spray can. 1.7: Headlights and taillights are required but do not have to illuminate. 1.8: Interior must include, at minimum, dashboard top, driver, steering wheel and shelf under the rear window. If vacuum formed, must be of reasonable detail and proportion. Champion style and paper drivers are not permitted. 1.9: No weight limit. 1.10: Bodies may be lightened provided there are no external changes and wheel arch openings remain standard. 2. Wheels and Tires 2.1: Tires may not project beyond the body when the car is at rest on a level track, as viewed from directly above. 2.2: Reasonable scale appearing inserts are required in all wheels unless the wheels have scale appearance and detail. Blank disc wheels must be covered with inserts. 2.3: Wheels must look like they were used on the 1:1 car. No F1 rims or 12 mm (dia) wheels unless the original car raced with small wheels. 2.4: Front tire diameter must be within 2mm of rear tire diameter. 2.5: Minimum front tire width is 8mm. Front tires may be profiled so that a narrower area contacts the track but must otherwise be full width. 2.6: Tires must be urethane or rubber. Silicon and foam tires are forbidden. Tires must appear to be black. Clear finish may be applied to front tire tread area. No chemical treatment (such as oil soaking) is permitted. If anyone has trouble getting a suitable pair of rear tyres I can provide, fit, glue and true for a small fee. 3. Motors Only motors from the below list of manufacturers are allowed: (This list is open to debate and will not be finalised until later this year. Preference is for a single make but for now lets discuss what options people want) Carrera Ninco NSR Predator Revo Slot Scaleauto Scalextric Sideways SCX Slot.it Thunderslot 3.1: FC-130 slot car motor must produce less than 23.5K rpm at 12 Volts. FK-180 are limited to 21.5K rpm. No rewinds or "mod motors" allowed. 3.2: Magnetic down force from motor may not exceed 30 grams as checked with a Magnet Marshal, exclusive of car weight. None of the motor brands listed above should infringe this limit. 3.3: Motor can be glued/taped/screwed in place. Pods can be taped or glued to restrict movement. 4. Modifications 4.1: Any part of the car may be replaced by any manufacturer’s parts. All wheel drive may be used only if the actual car used it. 4.2: Weight/ballast can be added. 4.3: Spring and magnetic suspension packages are allowed. 4.4: No traction magnets allowed. 4.5: Bushings and motor can be glued into place. 5. Vehicle Identification 5.1: Entrant’s name and body screw adjustment information should be affixed to the underside of the chassis in a readable manner. 6. Penalties 6.1: non-compliant mechanical and car set up issues including wheels/tyres at scrutineering - 5 points 6.2: repair of mechanical failure deemed not to be caused primarily by accident damage - 5 points. A grub screw coming loose is not a mechanical failure and won't be penalised. 6.3: car not run due to hosts discretion because of clearance issues - no points will be awarded for that round. Car owner has the option to replace tyres or park the car. 6.4: For all other non-specified events requiring vehicle work the penalty, if any, will be based on a principle of reasonable fairness to all entrants at sole discretion and decision of the organizers
  6. Postage anywhere in Australia is $9.70 and the rest of the world is pretty cheap. Not as cheap as the Chinese postal service but much quicker.
  7. Added Point 5 to my list of things we've learnt.
  8. So, the Touring Car Proxy finally comes to an end after nearly a year (first round was October 2021). What have we learned? 1) The Proxy organiser is always right. 2) The Canberra cars are good but not invincible as shown by Lancelot taking 2 rounds. 3) DTM cars are the way to go if you want to be at the pointy end of the results. 4) Small cars don't work well. 5) PITA award would have to go to Keith. 6) Everything else - insert comments below. Here's the review of the top 5 cars. The noise in the background is my cats fighting or the birds outside screaming to be fed. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uy20cVu-R-Y Hope you get some tips on how to build a car to suit our tracks. It would be interesting to know if the way we setup cars also works on your local tracks. I'll get everyone's cars in the post this week and let you know what you owe me for postage (for those that haven't prepaid). Cheers Paul
  9. That makes more sense. Next time I'll include more of the folding stuff with my entry but do you know how hard it is to find WA currency on this side of the island?
  10. This proxy allows any material for the chassis as long as you run a commercial plastic or resin body. I do however draw the line at depleted uranium, unless it's half-life is measured in minutes, not centuries. The intent is for participants to stretch their imagination (and capability) to produce the fastest car possible within the rules. The only change to the rules will be a list of approved motors so there will be no issue with ones that have too much magnetic affect. The next proxy will be early next year so we have lots of time to debate on which motors to use. I will probably restrict entry to 18 cars and have a runoff to decide the top 18. With 18 cars it's much easier and quicker to run a round. Paul
  11. Are the race results based on the cars you compete against in the heat??? This is a very strange way to do it. If so, what's to stop a midfield performer getting a great result because it raced against 2 much slower cars, and 3 top cars scoring low points because all 3 finished close together? This won't be negated by "average consistency" because when the midfield car races against better cars it will finish where it should have in the points, not a long way down to balance out it's great result from the previous heat. Please correct me if I'm wrong but your scoring system seems to favour midfield cars. Yes it rewards the fastest cars but nowhere near the points lead they should be getting and therefore they risk being positioned down the field. Paul
  12. 2nd fastest lap time 3rd in heat 1, 2nd in heat 2, 7th in heat 3. Heat 3 killed me, did something go wrong with my car?
  13. I can't remember what gearing I'm running but we had a quick look at 32coupe's to see why it was so quick. His gearing is 11/32 so pretty close to standard 3:1. The orange endbell Slot.it motor tested to the max allowed - 23.5 k rpm. It would be interesting to see how many participants motors run to that rpm. Most of the cars running long can motors are as quick as 32coupe's but none can match his speed into and out of corners.
  14. Video time curef, Pepsi, ALS BARacer, old mane, JohnnieE Arrold, Supercharged, Brooksy Nonfractual, Peter Gunn, bov jimmy, Nev, Shaynus Brumos, sticks, Alvaro Aloha, Lancelot, Dixie Lance in the middle lane DP, Sports, 32coupe
  15. I tried the NSR treatment on a pair of NSR Supergrips. Turned them so soft they wouldn't stay on the rims. Preferred weapon of choice are Yellowdogs. No treatment.
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