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  1. Has to be standard for the class we race. I bought another Mercedes but it would be nice to have 2 to race.
  2. Pat probably still has the cars but we never went back to camera cars after the one night we all tried racing them. Lap times are about double compared to racing without a camera and goggles. Fun to try once but not for the serious racer. Cheers Paul
  3. I’ve added the video to the first post. Just need to work out how to use my iPad to edit the lap times neatly to put Aloha at 2.41 and Lance at 2.19. For 2 cars that look identical they are so different to drive. It’s as if they were deliberately built at opposite ends of a scale to make sure one of them would do well no matter what track they race on.
  4. I could do that. All the quick cars first then the Renaults.
  5. That's great news. Now all we need is local covid restrictions to ease and allow home visits. Even if they allow only one visitor we could get this show on the road. There's talk of some restrictions being eased 17 September and I'll try for Peter's track. 2 lane copper tape track so there won't be any issues with magnetic downforce.
  6. OK, I said I would do it. No need to remind me every 6 months.
  7. Will do this afternoon, together with ALS and BARacer's now that his gearmesh is fixed.
  8. That's why as soon as the lockdown restrictions allow home visits we'll start racing and I'll work out the scoring for the 2 missing cars when I get them.
  9. And ArroldN's car is here. Just waiting for German customs to realise that Lance's cars are supposed to go to Australia, not Austria.
  10. It’s easy to wire in a pot to a Parma controller and they are cheap. Of course you can go overboard.
  11. Thanks for the write up Jimmy but your chassis’s are so alien to me that I wouldn’t know what’s trick and what’s normal. Even your photos have me scratching my head wondering how the cars work. Bov’s motor has a translucent green endbell and when you spin the rear wheels it feels like there’s no magnets in the motor. I’ve only tested it on my little track but after reading your comments I’m dying to see how it goes on a proper sized track. If the COVID restrictions look like being in place for a while I’ll run the first round by myself on a proper sized track and I’ll probably run each car for 5 min on a single lane. At least you’ll see some action. We’re on very tight restrictions until 2 September (no further than 5 ks travelling and no visiting anyone) but that could be extended or relaxed any day now. I’ll know more later this week. Cheers Paul
  12. ALS car has finally made it to Braidwood from USA. I checked but I can't see the water marks where it swam the whole way.
  13. Right click on the picture you want to copy from Facebook and choose "Copy Link Address". On your post here click on "Insert image from URL" Where it says URL right click and post the link you copied from Facebook. Should work but I just tried it and got nowhere. Might be a hiccup with this forum so I'll try again later and let you know how I went. Cheers Paul Edit - works now.
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