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  1. Best proxy for 1'st's. I like to give lots of feedback and videos showing how your car goes. There's some seriously fast cars entered this year by the Canberra locals so it will be good to see how the rest of the world compares. Then there's my car which is faster than anything else I've ever built but still .05 sec per lap off the top pace in testing. At least it drives well and hard to deslot.
  2. For anyone having trouble finding my address it's Paul Komnacki 69 Cowper Street Braidwood NSW Australia 2622 Cheers Paul
  3. Build it, test it to see if it's drivable and post to me. You'll get lots of feedback and maybe some tips on how to build a better car plus you'll see (videos) of each race so you can see how your car goes against other entrants.
  4. More than happy to have a late entry to keep us honest. You've been added to the entry list. Cheers Paul
  5. Someone asked for some info and I thought it better to put it here for everyone to see. We're having 12 races and I hope to have them on 12 different tracks. All are routed (wood) tracks. Most are painted in semi-gloss but 3 tracks are ferrodor. MJK's and Yellowdogs are the prefered tyres but previous entries have used Slot.it and NSR with some success. Don't worry about having the same livery and car number as someone else. Just make sure your name is painted underneath so we can tell the cars apart.
  6. As a Ford man you don't want to be racing a Holden. As a slot car they are too tall and skinny. That's why we're so amazed that Chas could get his working well enough to be a mid-fielder in the proxy.
  7. For those that have asked my paypal a/c is paul.komnacki @ agriculture.gov.au (no spaces) I did some testing last night with the car I used last year and one I built for the year before. Both were slower than the Calibra I've just built on an old Scaleauto Toyota GT1 chassis. The Calibra is as quick as the new Sideways Nissan so I'm hoping I can beat Peter Gunn this year! Pictures of my car to come. Cheers Paul
  8. All I can say is WOW and keep the pictures coming.
  9. That's one great little track. Those background trees in most of the pictures look so realistic.
  10. If anyone needs a phone number for shipping use 0458 450 742. Sorry to see you pull out Charles. Your Holden was a source of amazement amongst those that raced it as no Holden has ever gone that fast. Re ArroldN's question about eligibility for the Holden and Ford, Charles' car was from the V8 Touring Cars series which race currently and cars were built up to 2019. I've received bov's car and payment from curef99, lancelot, ArroldN, bov and Peter Gunn. Hope everyone is getting ready to send there cars. Cheers Paul
  11. All the info on the old proxies can be found here - https://www.slotcarillustrated.com/forum/sci-race-and-events/race-events-and-proxy-racing/slot-car-illustrated-touring-car-championship Here's the lap records on 4 tracks compared to other classes that we race. To win the proxy your car needs to be faster than a RevoSlot or NSR GT. Class Steve's track Andrew's track Alvaro's track Nev's track Open 5.648 5.418 5.598 5.927 LMP 5.692 5.282 5.954 Group 5 5.716 5.887 6.348 Thunderslot 5.820 5.521 5.452 6.236 Touring Car Proxy 2018/19 5.907 5.647 5.513 6.606 Touring Car Proxy 2017/18 6.052 5.682 5.869 6.491 Revo 5.997 5.798 5.708 6.463 Open GT 6.095 5.721 5.646 6.224 DTM - 18k motor 6.241 6.149 5.805 6.700 NSR GT 6.298 5.747 6.409 I'll be happy if my car gets to within half a second of these times. I'm using old MJK's, just need a light sanding with 1200 grit to get them working well. For the proxy the only cleaning of the tyres between races will be with a roll of sticky tape to remove any residue on the tyres. There won't be any chemical cleaning (Shellite, metho etc) or any sanding of tyres. Cheers Paul
  12. Got it. Wasn't enough to pay for a trip overseas so I'll just have to stay home.
  13. Most of the cars that raced in the 1:1 classes had some pretty wide tyres so as long as yours fit under the bodywork they are legal. Having said that, F1 size tyres are not allowed. Cheers Paul
  14. 1st round will be when all the cars arrive. Normally I'd allow 3 weeks but there's still a few countries that are restricting postage so the start date is currently up in the air. Hopefully we'll know more as we get closer to July 20. Non OEM parts are ok as long as the end result looks something like the original car and not some frankenstein version. Length/width must remain original - no modifying the arches to fit wider wheels.
  15. Here's the latest mod to mine, added a 3 position switch to bypass the brake and power resistors in case I accidently adjust them. Next step is to change the handle and trigger to something that "feels perfect".
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