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  1. Those teams look good. Munter, Dave and Brendan will be strong. Looking forward to it.
  2. After driving last night i can say most of those cars were the sh*t, a couple were maybe just a little bit sh*t.
  3. Nice setup, I'm also running a t66 but it's showing its age. Time to go 28x9? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m5FoA2CVAlM
  4. GAS4IT I know your car from Ausrotary but didn't click with the username on here. I have a FA3TS with a Dyson 13b turbo, the 1200 ute in my avatar, plus another mini-tubbed 1200 ute, and a RX2 coupe thats in a constant state of needing a restoration. Shame there are no decent RX slotcars eh?
  5. A turd pageant, who would have thought. I cast my vote in favour of number #7, the punktard.
  6. Pat the part you have found NSR5221 is the correct part number, assuming you're after ultragrips. All NSR F1 tyres are grooved. They are made specifically to fit the NSR 5005 rim but I haven't had any trouble mounting them to a wide range of aluminium and plastic wheels.
  7. Removal of the magnet tabs seems to contravene rule 7.2 and 7.14.
  8. Im in....happy about Nascar being dropped, my wheels were always falling off.
  9. Anybody heard from Munter lately? Just heard that a John Warren died on Te Mata Peak yesterday.
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