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  1. this is what I've done it seems to work ok on a piece of test track , so I'll see how it goes after I've laid the braid
  2. I'm sorry but I'm a complete electrical dunce and nothing that has been said makes any sense to me , where will I find a diagram
  3. I'm in the process of routing a single lane track and want to use a scalextric control board can anyone tell me which 2 wires i need to use , and what do I do with the surplus wires ?
  4. auphartz

    Plastic Track Designs

    this site has quite a few designs ............http://ux5490.us/
  5. I noticed that too Eagleby I'm not sure what's going on
  6. I love the Essex Spyder in Gazza's pic but the scaley one looks nothing like that livery so I think I'll pass
  7. I thought it was only for championship races
  8. I have scalextric cars that won't run well on scalextric track , so I'm not sure there is a fail safe selection method
  9. It certainly looked like it was going to be a great night's racing , I was a little disappointed I was only allowed to stay and watch until 5pm .
  10. Can anyone come along as a spectator , or do you have to be a club member
  11. auphartz

    Woodbrook Valley

    Does this mean no more Dickens cider
  12. I definately will be interested in the Porsche and Mazda if the price is reasonable , 1/43 scale is great to race with my grandson he rarely deslots them
  13. I used some before christmas but I think my boss would have purchased the exact size that was needed but I'll check for you on thursday to see if there is any offcut
  14. yes I am KK and a work platform just below the blades
  15. I couldn't manage to get the small pieces that give the blades their slope at equal spacings , so I had to cut each blade a little differently that's why they are numbered lol .
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