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  1. Kenny

    Car Spotting

    G'Day, Been a while, but I've been kinda busy Not real sure that this is the real deal Any idea at all will help Found it on Santo Island, Vauatu No idea if it will ever go again, or if it actually does Be back there soon and find out then
  2. They can't start until I get all the dunnies in place. I'll try to be as quick as I can. Cheers K
  3. Ok I think I'm starting to work it out Cheers K
  4. Ok Have a look at my results. K
  5. Hi All, Mark, I'm pretty sure Craig Lowndes won the Saturday race, Not J Dub. .Like 91 series wins. Cheers K
  6. Cost me too, but thankfully Brighty moved into the top 5 after Frosties departure, no loss, no gain.
  7. Kenny

    Car Spotting

    Gee Viv, I love your photos as much as anyone else's. You see some real cool stuff we would all like to see. Just wish you would use photobucket like everone else, so we could really see them. Just keep them coming as they are otherwise. Cheers K
  8. What about something simpler, closer to home?
  9. Kenny

    Car Spotting

    I'm just not that observant at 110KPH. Well spotted! If it has any history, it might have been lost here. Never know.
  10. Kenny

    Car Spotting

    The truck and trailer had heaps of doors/guards/etc. I'm sure he'll get one out of it all. Just shifting camp maybe??
  11. Kenny

    L34 Torana Handling

    Almost missed this one, a Rustang, allmmakers haave their faults.
  12. Kenny

    L34 Torana Handling

    Isn't this a Ford??
  13. I got all this too, off my 85 year old Aunty, who by the way, sends me much more disgusting stuff than my mates. Seniors rock. Cheers K
  14. Kenny

    Just Curious...

    Have you been following the Mayan Calendar? See none of you Tomorrow.
  15. Kenny

    Just Curious...

    The day I was born; a girl beat another girl in the US tennis A radio station started broadcsting in the US, But in the year an average new house cost 12,000 and the average wage was around 4,000 A YEAR
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