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  1. robbieracer

    New Drag Car

    Wooohoooo got my first drag car today just a sportsman class car does 1.18 secs on the quater i will post pics up asap so yeah now my addiction will begin lol
  2. thanks heaps guys im gunna buy a few of them lol.
  3. Hello ppl just wondering i cant not for the life of me find a mazda rx7 savannah series 1. Just wondering if any one who know where i could find one either lexan body or hard body. Thanks ppl
  4. im in victoria. how did u build it??? do u have any photos?
  5. hey guys and gals just wondering what would be the best way to build a drag strip at home?????
  6. That would be awesome if u have some pics just so i know what i am lookin at and what im looking for lol. how much would it cost to build it roughly??
  7. awesome do u think i would be able to buy all these parts at mobile???? if not where would be the best place to go to buy these things? do u build cars aswell???
  8. wow um thanks heaps plucka that helps heaps um i was thinking of building a car from scratch what do u think the best chasie is to use and i would like to run a lexan body as i have one at home of my dads real suger gas car its a mazda rx7 series 4. um i have a couple 16D spare motors as i already have a couple circut cars but i am unsure of what axle size and what width of tyres i need. what size gears that i would need for super gas. Im going to go down to mobile hopefully next tuesday cuz thats the day i have off. I really appreciate your help thank you
  9. ah k what engine would be the best for racing supergas????
  10. Thank you very much for that i just would like to know where u can get diagrams on how to build engines like because ive pulled mine apard its a 16D and there are these 2 u shaped bits that hold the magnets away from the armature but i have no idea how to get them back in lol ive tried so many ways but have no idea and i cant find any diagrams showing me which way to put them in.
  11. Hello i am just new to this exciting sport and i need some help on how to build motors and what the rules and regulations are for 1/24 scale drag racing ive been to a few web site and have found some usefull info but need some more help if any one knows anything i would be really interested to learn about it. Thanks heaps Robbie Racer
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