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  1. Beauuuutiful !! Lets hope they release them all.
  2. I`m on to , just found out about it. I would like Carrera to do something , their latest cars are awsome!!
  3. Hi Matt , I think it`s an awsome track after having the chance to drive it the night we picked up our new GT Heros D132 set we purchased from you a couple of months ago. My boys loved it and the track itself is exellent to drive , especially the 2 long back straights and sweeper where you can really hold full throttle for much longer than you would normal , back off slightly into the sweeper , then WOT again until you reach the first corner. We loved it so much that i was going to copy it but the space required is too large and wasn`t practical for home. Keep up the good work mate , Jason.
  4. HI Matt , thanks for your help again. Weare having loads of fun with it mate. So does this mean that the std track pieces are ok to use but the lane changes,lap timer,and black box are incompatable or are the lap timer and lane changer track pieces ok to use , just not the black box ? Jason
  5. HI Everyone , i`m just wondering how you find out the date of manfacture of a Carrera Digital 132 set. I have recently bought a new D132 GT Heroes set from Nulla ( Matt ) of THE SLOT CAR FACTORY @ Taren Point ( thanks mate , the system is brilliant after a couple a little teething problems ) as i`m wondreing about the compatabilty with the older pro - x systems - lap counter , pit lanes etc. I`m told the D132 manufactured after 2009 are not compatable but the sets before 2009 are. As the set was purchased only 2 weeks ago , i asume the set is post 2009. It would be nice to find out though. Jason.
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