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  1. This is exactly what I've been procrastinating about building for a while now ,,switchback!! Great racing track .Two hoops. Two joins .Love it !
  2. Happy Birthday Vince ,all the best
  3. I have a few circuit master controllers ,similar to di falco . Anytime I have braking problems its usually due to the plate needing a clean .I use brasso cream or autosol to clean it hey presto brakes work perfectly again !! Might be worth a try ?
  4. Have three of these controllers all still working and used , they're good controllers . most of the guys that raced at Sydney Slots used them, I still do.
  5. Very much like the look of those. Are they available in Australia or did you get them in from overseas?
  6. Thats Hollywood for you ! In another Steve Mcqueen movie LeMans when they crash the 917K you can see the yellow body work and livery of the Lola T70 that they attached the 917 shell to .
  7. Thats quite a setup ,I think you'll enjoy living there Mark.
  8. Happy Birthday Mark ,all the best
  9. Best way to clean is Brasso or Autosol , any time my brakes seem to go its usually tarnish on the contacts clean with these and brakes and responsiveness comes back big time ,,,shiny is good.
  10. "If something is neither here nor there, where the hell is it ?" Chic Murray "I wouldn't join a club that'd have me as a member" Groucho Marx
  11. Very sorry to hear this , RIP Dave
  12. Just thought i'd post some feed back here ,, Lucky to be an Armchair racer ,,,,,,,racer !!! The new Slotworxs V8 host class was a huge success , fantastic cars and very well set up ,thanks Jason , made for very close racing, great cars to drive , loved every minute of it . Looks like this is the class to look forward to !! Well done to Cam for getting this product out there . Nice chassis .
  13. Maybe a soldering iron would smooth it off a bit
  14. Ninco classics are among my favourite cars to drive ,those and pink kar beetles .
  15. Let me see ,, do I buy the scalextric tyrell or a new porsche, help me someone !!!!
  16. The doors are KEYED!!!! WOW .Armchairracer currently have some top slot Pegaso cars on special at the moment ,still not that cheap but good prices for what they are .
  17. Looks like all doors are functional too.
  18. Now that is very special ! Liking that a lot .
  19. Sounds like a nightmare job to me ,,mask it ,,light sand and repaint
  20. Worlds fastest indian is a great movie , really looking forward to seeing this
  21. tooter

    House Classes

    Now that looks like a lot of fun ,
  22. tooter

    House Classes

    That's right up my street ,,, caravans !!
  23. tooter

    House Classes

    House or host class racing is definitely my favourite type of racing where no one has an edge ,makes for the closest racing we also did a class using completely different performing cars whereby you didn't know how well or badly you'd done till the end of the race. Do remember that evening Mark over at Moreno's place sadly we don't race there anymore it was a favourite of mine , more because of the history of the track and the good company of course . Next time you come over you should come and race with us at Armchairracer, and would love to come and have a crack with you guys one day , I'm well overdue for a trip to NZ.
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