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  1. Those legends cars look awesome. We were talking about them 10 years ago Mark.
  2. Whatever. Lead jockey. Coincidentally I was out yesterday and got a huge sheet of lead from a plumbing store free of charge. The plumbing merchants are anti-lead these days and, apparently, want it off site. I also wanted some of the thin lead tape they use on roof flashings and picked some up from a sheet metal outlet. They gave it to me free too. Booooooyah. Haha you might as well just cut a flat rectangle out, glue a motor on top and go racing.
  3. I do recall seeing inside of a certain scaly corvette that you built that was full of lead aue e hoa Yep, I didn't always get it right. Just had a good trigger finger
  4. Just when you thought you had heard the last from me.... Doesn't 11 Volts just hide the faults of a badly set up Car?? No, Pony rider, our cars are so much faster and so much better set up now, that we have to find ways to slow them down so the electrons can keep up. Listen old boy, if you think you still have - at least a small bit "of it", you could always stick your mush through the door I have some knock about cars I am sure I could trust you with. I even have a controller like your old one, but with variable brake added. 228 Guppy Road tomorrow 7 plus years later and still you guys are doing slower lap times than I was and my old track is even shorter than when I had it!!. However it's great to see the Hobby still thriving and you are all having fun even Munter who seems to be the Bert to everyone's Ernie.. Mark you don't really ever want me to come back but thanks for the offer. 8 x NZ champ...How many titles among you lot
  5. Just when you thought you had heard the last from me.... Doesn't 11 Volts just hide the faults of a badly set up Car??
  6. It is good to see Grant's memory honored each year. He truly was a generous person Congrats to the winners.
  7. Hi Mark, Before you head off on the next stage of life I just want to thank you for what you have done for Slot racing in NZ. I certainly would never have been involved in the Hobby again had it not been for the Ninco track you set up and doubt there would ever have been a following in HB if you hadn't. Enjoy your time in Spain and remember DO NOT wear Speedo's on the beach or you will be deported. SLOTJOCKEY
  8. Merry Xmas to all you dirty Slots. I hope Santa brought you the extra 7/10ths a lap you have been wishing for but even his miracles are limited lol. Have an awesome time with Family and friends. The one and still the only SLOTJOCKEY.
  9. Craig G remembers those lap times and so does Jarrod. I'm too slow now for you lightning quick fellas. You guys are having way too much fun and my competitive nature would just turn it all to crap lol.
  10. About time someone went sub 5 on the Widow. Now all you gotta do is put it back to the original length, do a 4.6 and you will be on the money.
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