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  1. I'll be buying these straps and trying to fit them some way, would really spoil the fun watching one of these controllers hitting the concert floor.
  2. Squeeze

    Gisborne Track

    12 lane brains now Billy, don't need one for the start/finish line anymore, I still want to get scorpius, I'm looking for a system that works correctly and by what I've read about Ricks testing and more testing and just the way the whole system operates via wireless. I haven't seen a digital track in action yet, bloody 70 minute drive to Ballarat, around 60 to Bendigo, I picked the wrong place to live.
  3. Squeeze

    Gisborne Track

    yer, should i have checked how hot the motor got after a couple of laps?
  4. Squeeze

    Gisborne Track

    Bit of a update, have made a couple of flippers and blu tack them into position to run the outer oval lane, have to say it's worked out real well except you need to slow down the slights bit when going up or down the hill on the straight or the car gets air born, this will be a no magnet track even though i used magna braid. There are 4 lanes changes on the over track and I'll have to position the fencing just right to take these at full speed because there is no way you can take the banked turns full throttle at 15volts. put it away for a couple of weeks while I work on some flippers parts.
  5. Squeeze

    Race Line

    I've finished with the slots on my track and have spent about a week thinking of where to put the lane change slots, I've tried to position them to not give any lane a advantage but to use as a device to overtake, I'll think about it a bit more and once I test and find a lane has a advantage through a section and if is the inside lane then I'll most likely give the outside lane a wall or fence to support that cars lane....still thinking, didn't think this would be the hardest part of building a track.
  6. Squeeze

    Gisborne Track

    yes that's is all I did foggy, for the 1st corner, a 1950mm wide track, I cut a 2035mm dia, so I pushed it in 85mm. 2nd corner I cut a bit larger about 2050, looks about the same, hardest bit is getting the slots right for the straight because it can't be routed while banked, (well maybe it can, I don't work with wood much). I wanted to try this, but couldn't be stuffed buying another piece of 9mm MDF to get the straights on, if you don't have a predetermined line out of the corner it makes it so much more easier.
  7. Squeeze

    Gisborne Track

    angle of bank is about 18 degrees, cars don't slide down when stopped. anybody think that 3rd pick hill is to steep, I wanted to tape it to test that drop.
  8. Squeeze

    Gisborne Track

    Don't know if I'm doing this slow or not but here's a update, only done the oval so far and will most liking tape the inside track for a bit of a blast before I braid and start on infield. Has taken me about the same amount of beer to get this far as the guys from Ballarat would drink racing there first lap (not that they would remember it) so a couple more slabs and I should have a track finished. corner 1 of oval corner 2 going up hill. dropping down hill before corner 3 corner 3, bit of a S going into it and outside lane closer to wall corner 4, will detour off into infield here ( not started yet )
  9. maybe reading this old thread will give you a clue....good luck
  10. Squeeze

    Gisborne Track

    yep I read about the Sax0607 hoist malfunction, I've been reading these forums for a couple of years on and off, I haven't read any of the car setup/workshop yet but I think I will down the track, that's why I wanted the oval track, thought it might make for close racing and also good for car setup.
  11. Squeeze

    Gisborne Track

    G'day guys, site got hacked and lost my introduction thread so instead of posting that again I thought I'd start with a couple of pic's of where I'm at on my track. Threw all my old Scalextric track down the tip about 20 years ago when I left the nest. Had fun with a routed test track (copper tape) which folds away, now down to the serious stuff (Braid). so far I've got: 500kg hoist....installed 15.5v, 40 amp power supply. 5 cars. Layout I'm thinking of doing Frame, gone up and down a few times, works like a charm, still needs work done....picture shows it about 2 feet of the ground Couldn't find pulleys to suit my needs so made my own, just used bronze bushes because the track will be either on legs when down or held by separate cables, hoist cables will only be in use when moving.
  12. I'll pm you before I start routing, like to see a track before I start.
  13. G,day Gref, saw your invite just before I went out last night, I work odd hours but am keen to get around some time, what time fridays do you guys normally start things off? cheeers
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