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  1. The car is tipping if I do entry speed slower then I would be going slower than when it had the standard motor in it The front wheels just touch the ground but have found that the guide or the sping is pretty stiff Maybe replace the spring with a Ninco Spring or take the spring out
  2. Where abouts did you get the adaptor from
  3. Ive put a quicker motor into a SCX Cuda now its deslotting more and was looking at replacing the guide Ha ve you replaced the guide with another for wooden tracks if so what guide and what mods did you have to do Cheers
  4. Thanks for that Alexis ill look around
  5. Im hoping if someone can tell me if i can buy just the spring for the Ninco guide or some place i can just get the springs Cheers
  6. Going to try it tomorrow night what you said Shadow Will let ya know how it goes
  7. Thanks for all the tips rusty I'll try that
  8. The link isnt for the 32 bit though Phil when i went to it If you can see it there a link to it would be very helpful Cheers
  9. Tried to install race coordinator but needs .net framework can not find it in 32 bit for XP Got Laptimer 2000 going in all lanes but not at once Can get 2 lanes going at once but not the 3rd lane Any tips would be great
  10. Ive installed Laptimer 2000 just the middle lane wont count
  11. Not sure about my hardware as it plugs into the computer ,track timing box and power supply i didnt build it so not sure I know its got a relay was when i used to use it there is a relay as i hear a click as well There is red green lights for start of race and a stop start button Id prefer to use this hard ware than do a switch but dont know what software it will run in no in DOS
  12. Ive already got all the hardware to use a cut off through the software but ran in DOS but now have a new HDD and no way to get DOS happening The software i have now(think its Virtual Race) wont run the hardware eg count laps counts extra laps What software would you recomend to use the hardware
  13. What im wanting to do is put a switch in so the track has no power but what im wondering is do i do it withthe positive wire or negative wire coming out the power supply Im thinking the positive wire but just want to make sure Cheers
  14. Ive got one and love it but need a chassis Does anyone know where i can get a chassis Cheers
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