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  1. I was told by an American to wipe the track down with Electronic contact cleaner. He said not to use any alcohol on the track
  2. Can a Carrera Digital car work on SSD track? I was wondering because I bought a Porsche Moby Dick a few months back before I had SSD track. I noticed that you couldn't just put a SSD chip in it because the set up is lots more complicated than a regular Scalextric Set up. So could I put a Carrera Digital chip in and make it run on my SSD track? thanks, Dom
  3. well, the cars stutter quite a bit and stop, but when I apply pressure to the cars the wheels start spining again. When I release the cars stop. So the signal is quite weak.
  4. Hi its dom again, I had been told to wipe the track and the car braids with metho and crimp the ends on each track. It worked for a day, then my previous isssues got worse. watch my problems here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dp3oAPjNAAs regards, dom
  5. hi, I have had the scalextric digital system for a couple of days and problems are occurring. I have bought a Scalextric DPR Aston Martin DBS with the chip. It seems to be regularly stopping at the same points on the track. My other cars work fine on the track. I have checked all the connections on the track, but makes no difference. I really need a solution to this problem
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