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  1. s13

    Help With Digital Car

    i would check the braids are not touching or a strand has jumped over the divider.
  2. s13

    New Set Decisions

    hmm some of the sites i have seen think it will be out august / September this year.... might wait that long. main reason i want digital is so i can do ghost car lapping, lane changing and reduce speed when kids play. was thinking about going full routed but i enjoy changing the track around to much to be locked into 1 track design forever.
  3. s13

    New Set Decisions

    So i have been using 30 year old hand me down track for a few years now and i think its time to actually buy some new track. thinking about splurging and getting the Scalextric digital gear. most likely the platinum set. been doing a bit of reading and have seen users have a few problems over time would you still recommend it? also recently it looks like scalextric is bringing out a new "carbon" set which will have wireless controllers and some smart device integration. anybody seen any reviews on this? ive only be able to see pictures of the boxes. PK
  4. s13

    Milgun Park Raceway

    just an idea but you said you wanted to limit the pit lane speed. when you run the braid for pit lane off the main feed have you though about putting in a couple of diodes or resistors to limit the voltage for pit lane. that way you would get your speed limit in pit lane without affecting rest of the track. pk
  5. s13

    Track Build #3

    lol that was just my jumper. gets a bit cold at night in the shed in winter :-)
  6. s13

    Track Build #3

    So i though the track needed some lighting. $17 bucks from ebay and 5m of LED lighting and you can see the track from the moon even had some left over to light up under the bridge. 2 power supplies installed 1x12v and 1x10v with a switch so when kids play cars go a bit slower. drivers station installed wheels put on the bottom Dad's bday on weekend so will see what he thinks of the surprise... unfortunately my 3 year old may have given him a slight hint so will see if its what hes expecting
  7. s13

    Track Build #3

    Nah no air cars run nice n smooth. This was my first attempt at putting a wood edge on. Was surprised at how well the mdf curved. I normally do all the cutting for my projects but tried out the bunnings cutting service. Bit of mdf and ask for 80mm cuts and they were all perfect :-)
  8. s13

    Track Build #3

    oops clicked post too soon. Was given an box old old scalextrics which just so happened to be the perfect amount for a figure 8 track. When I was a kid i had a track under my bed so decided to build this for my dads birthday... now he has 2 grand kids he can use it when they come over. I have taken my time with this one and i think the results came out well. still need to so a little more work. going to put a 5m LED strip light around the outside and going to setup a controller box. Was going to have 2 plugs for normal controllers and also have 2 big buttons so when young kids play it will just be a big button they can mash down on and will be a bit lower power.
  9. So has anybody seen the new scalextrics set "demolition derby" can build cars with "lego" had a quick look on net couldn't see a way to just buy the cars. Would love to crack open my old box of lego and build some wicked cars !!! anybody in the business know anything about them? Paul
  10. Hey any Perthies know what happened to checkered flag raceway out in maddington? phone disconnected and when i drove past shop is empty :-( was going to organise a night there for some friends.
  11. s13

    Track Build # 2

    shadow_rusty wins :-P
  12. s13

    Track Build # 2

    power base ? yea has been pretty hot though at night with door open its ok for a few laps :-) Stubbo ?
  13. s13

    Track Build # 2

    oh yea and after i built the track and was standing up on a crate working on it i noticed something with the design of the track 10 points to the first person who sees it.
  14. s13

    Track Build # 2

    so looks like when i put the wrote the dimmensions down i did it wrong so that last design went out the windows. i ended up with the design below. no corssovers 1 bridge nice fast straight and some twisty bits. this track is awesome to drive a lot less de slots that the last and some tricky stuff you have to slow down for. also got some room now on the infield to make some garages for the cars under the back straight.
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