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  1. does anybody know besides slot shop who sells indy grip tyres
  2. gilson65

    Ninco Car

    thanks for the replys especially the picture from sj slots they look a well built car i should have had it by now but slot shop have had a busy time after seeing the picture i am hanging out
  3. gilson65

    Ninco Car

    I am just about to pick up a new ninco subaru with ball bearings fitted never owned a ninco let alone with bearings fitted are they sealed or do you have to oil them the same as with bushes basically the only cars i own are scalextric
  4. i own 25 in total •scalextric 23 •fly 1 •ninco [in the post ]
  5. does anybody know the part number or can they be through brought thouugh a fastener place i have tried a couple of places to no avail
  6. gilson65

    New V8's

    looks like the new v8's are in stock at armchair racer
  7. yeah i agree about your thoughts on the V8's i have both the betta electrical falcon and the supercheap commodore bought the set at supercheap auto's they are both stunning looking cars i dont know how to post a picture for you but you will not regret them when they arrive
  8. gilson65

    Couldn't Wait

    got no idea how to post pic's any help ?
  9. gilson65

    Couldn't Wait

    had to buy the new scalextrics set advertised at supercheap auto to get the betta electrical falcon and the supercheap holden all those waiting for the holden you will all be happy with it great looking car and thats from me being a ford fan
  10. gilson65


    i run mostly scalextrics cars and have always oiled both ends of the motor but reading a catalogue it says to oil only the bush side not the pinion gear side do you guys oil both ends of motor ?
  11. gilson65


    same gearing as what? All their current sidewinders have the same standard ratio's as each other = 11:36. All their current inline's are 9:27 If I misread (it's getting late), please clarify and i'll try again... Cheers Mike yeah sorry buddy mainly talking about the holden and falcon i counted pinion as 10 and i thought i had good eyesight :( but you answered my question i was trying to get out thanks
  12. gilson65


    does the scalextrics sidewinder type run the same gearing
  13. where is slot shop situated ?
  14. gilson65


    is this what you guy's use on your gears . And for the rear gears a small amount of Parma grease or white tap grease which you will find at the hardware store in their plumbing section. i have never used anything on the gears i use 3 in 1 light machine oil on my axles and motor bushes by the way where do you get light machine oil that comes with a needle type end for easy application of the oil ?
  15. gilson65

    Best Car

    armchair racer have got a good deal on a BA falcon at the moment $30.00
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