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  1. Hi Brett, Does the stuffed laptop still boot? Even if it does removing the hard drive from the stuffed laptop and installing it in a 2.5" sata USB enclosure would be the best way to retrieve the files, you could then simply plug it in to the new laptop and browse for the files you're after. If the laptop still boots but windows is the issue, have you tried safe booting with networking you should then at least be able to get the files via a network share.
  2. Scalextric has announced that Jason has won the 2013 championship on their facebook page, congratulations Jason.
  3. Ember I too enjoy Pinky and the Brain, however the love died when they escaped the lab and got that horrible little girl as an "owner". I am also quite fond of The Animaniacs. The best cartoon that I have ever watched is Pixars UP, great story. Astro Boy is getting a few mentions, it's been remade in HD and is currently airing on the ABC what's more it appears to remain faithful to the original series. I haven't seen the re-made Voltron but the old series is also being aired on one of the abc channels, I wish they would show Star Blazers again they cartoon was awesome. </rose coloured glasses> Captian the Transformers shows have always been vehicles for Hasbro to sell toys, that's why we had Transformers Beast Wars I watched so many episodes with my nephew we had many a great time.
  4. Oh man I couldn't stand the Flinstones kudos for Fred and Wilma being the first couple in the same bed on American TV but wasn't really my thing neither were the jetsons I guess and an aussie I just didn't relate to these particular families. Dastardly and Mutley now there are 2 great cartoon characters. Dangermouse needs a mention because he hasn't had one yet. Embs not all cartoons are there to sell toys but it is becoming that way more and more :( I might have to get the cars out this weekend for some much needed relief.
  5. Neil, I've caught several episodes of adventure time, it's not really a cartoon that I like, my boys (14, 12 & 6) seem to enjoy it though. I don't remember the cartoons I watched as a child adolescent being such mind numbing drivel, not to mention the bastardization of some of the classics, what the devil have they done to Scooby Doo?. There are some cartoons I don't mind watching with the boys, Iron Man, Superhero squad, Futurama and the simpsons are just a few that we watch. The older 2 are starting to get into anime, now there is some "out there" stuff, I have to say though One Piece is something we all used to watch together. Cheers Daz.
  6. Quazar

    3D Printers

    For around the $2500 you can purchase a ready made 3d printer with a resolution of 100 microns. One of the most exciting things about 3d printers for me is that they are designed to be self replicating. As for 3d scanning hackers have made great progress in using Microsofts Kinect sensor for this, what's more is that MS are releasing software/drivers to make it easier for the hacker community to achieve great results.
  7. I agree Josh more closeups would have been excellent, together with a better look at the rear of an F1 car. I believe that legal requirements meant that they couldn't show the rear of the car in as much detail as I and many others would have liked.
  8. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_Wn1EFLa2C8 Sauber mechanics spent 2 yrs of their spare time cutting an F1 car in half. I love that Sauber have done this, it has given me an even greater appreciation of theses finely engineered machines.
  9. I would have loved to get along to the Longford revival that they had a short time ago, alas I had other commitments :( I moved from South Sydney in '86 at the ripe old age of 13 to the middle of nowhere (Holwell) during winter talk about culture shock. kalbfellp I would actually say old is when you start to sound like your father/mother and the realisation hits you like a cricket bat to the face
  10. Indeed sad news. I will always remember hearing this thunderous noise then seeing a '68 shelby cobra mustang heading along Erskineville road in the late 70's early 80's. God that makes me feel old and I'm not even 40 :( On a more positive note I got to see Sir Sterling Moss drive his in Targa Tasmania a number of years ago.
  11. Well no Slot cars for me, I did however receive Black Sabbath's Paranoid on CD along with Trust Me, I'm Doctor Ozzy Book (up to Ch.3 it is quite funny). My family has indulge me in my other hobby though and gave me Assassin Creed Brotherhood on the xbox360, Skyrim and Deus Ex: Human Revolution on Steam, both games have been great the little I've played so far. Now to keep things slot related we did purchase Scalextric Digital Platinum set for the Boys (4, 10, 13, 21) the 21yo is a ring in that only returns at xmas (My nephew lived with us before joining the army 18 months ago) and some other holidays to create havok with the others, he is however loved like a brother and son. Now I just have to clean the garage out so we can convert it into a rumpus room for some much need peace and quiet over the school holidays 8 weeks over xmas here in Tassie and still only 3 terms.
  12. Quazar

    R.I.P. Marco

    I was watching the race with the whole family when we saw the crash, it would have to be one of the most sickening crashes I've seen in all the years I've watched motorsport. I find it hard to explain why I like (I still like hime even though he is no longer with us) Marco, to me he always exuded a larger than life persona, like racing was the most fantastic thing in the world and he was happy to perform for everyone who was watching, I'll always remember his smile with that awesome fro. Fittingly the Gresini Team will be lining up in Valencia in Moto2 and MotoGP as a tribute for their fallen team mate.
  13. Dangermouse arduino kits can be gotten on ebay for a resonable price, I've considered following this for my AFX set. What I like about the arduino is that its opensource hardware and it has a very good support community.
  14. Its just Bernie getting people to talk about F1 because the first race has been cancelled. He comes up with stupidly absurd ideas this time of year, last year it was the medals fiasco.
  15. Quazar

    F1 2011

    If Red Bull are good to their word, both drivers should be treated equally. To be honest though I think Mark just makes to many mistakes at crucial moments and they cost he a WDC last year, of course if he keeps himself injury free he's more than capable, lets hope that Adrian Newey produces another great car.
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