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  1. digby

    Kangaroo Court

    g'day and thanks Knoath, track is still in use . my 3 yr old grand daughter was racing on it just the other day ,the nsr's still doing good times even at 5 v. good to see you back with another track in the works looking forward to seeing your progress. regards digby
  2. digby

    Fairmont Park

    Time is a while just waiting to be extended, and a track connected is a thing of beauty,just waiting to be extended. Go figure. Thanks for that KK. regards digby
  3. digby

    Kangaroo Court

    Thanks Guys I appreciate the kind words. regards digby
  4. digby

    New 3 Lane Routed

    Flash set of curves
  5. digby

    Kangaroo Court

    regards digby
  6. digby

    Zegas Rally Track

    Time spent in planning is never wasted, and here's the proof. Well done.
  7. Some very flash looking builds you have there ,well done regards digby
  8. Thanks John, I've had a few that have gone a deep plum colour and then cracked up like block of mature cheese
  9. nice job munter. What colour did the tyres change to ?
  10. Very tidy looking track
  11. digby

    Andyjk's Track Build

    Have you thought about a cheap internal door, mdf cardboard sandwich, put into your frame may be more rigid
  12. Sweet looking track, is assembly a one man operation?
  13. Nice and o' so tasty. Works on so many levels. At least it flew higher than a Kiwi.
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