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  1. this was a 2 car kit 1\24 Modified, I made the wheels and chassis
  2. scrjon

    Hi From Lara

    What scale cars? welcome I know a guy that does some great builds
  3. scrjon

    Model Car Jigs

    Thanks Burglar That work bench looks like its been around, looks great Have fun I was in Paris Texas once I bet thats not the one your going 2
  4. A guy I know used blown insulation and dry wall mud, not sure what its called down under I used Styrofoam and covered with plaster cloth use a few layers
  5. scrjon

    Model Car Jigs

    A tubing cutter would make quick work, and they cut straight and would bevel the ends
  6. scrjon

    Model Car Jigs

    Hope no one derailed your post, Garrys jig is a great looking tool hope no hard feelings beers on me, but you got to come to my place Jon
  7. scrjon

    Which Track

    If you are going to turn into a slot car addict like we did you have 2 choices of plastic and wood If you have lots of room Carrera is your choice, more track options and they are the only ones with real banked curves, you can go 8 lanes and run 1\24, 1\32, and 1\43 on the same track. If space is tight go Scally, they offer lots of choices If you have any skills at all a routed track is way cheaper, and easy to do, just a bit of work, the how to can be found here on the net, lots of guys with no skills have built lots of nice tracks I have a large Carrera track but if I had it all to do over it would have been wood good luck and welcome
  8. scrjon

    Model Car Jigs

    that is a nice looking jig, what is it made from? I just built a few jigs myself that I made from 3\4 thick aluminum and the back half and front slide on 1\2 inch drill rod, I do not wish to take anything from yours I love looking at others creations, great job and congratulations
  9. WOW I was blown away when I noticed how small it was, you used a car case I thought it was a huge track, great work on the details and you are a good photographer
  10. howdy and welcome back to 1\32, good luck with your new hobby
  11. any chance in your dad getting his iron back? LOL great job on the build, I was taught by a master builder this weekend, he showed me how to do a jail door chassis with a drop arm, I hope my stuff turns out as well as your's did
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