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    Fly Bmw M3 Set

    hmcsat & jamie, They sell retail in US for $300- U.S.D. They have been a preety poor seller here. I had 3 complete sets and broke up all 3 sets because for the money there's a lot better buys out there. Never understood why Fly would try to sell the same car 4 times in a set. Jamie just keep the 1 car you have as the display box looks much better in pictures than it is in real life. New Man 956C should be in my shop tomorrow should be a real hot item. I am also supposed to be getting 12 of the Rothman 956C 3 car boxed set. Not tomorrow on that one but soon.
  2. I do'nt think the Scalextric lights are that realistic because when you break they dim. Fly lights are very realistic running at a steady power but for $20 bucks more I do'nt think you can justify it! george blta9
  3. blta9

    Fly Viper Valencia 2004

    Dave, Glad you like it mate. Knew you would. According to the distributor these cars are going to be sold out real soon. Big, big seller over here in the states. Question? When I have ever ordered any style Fly rear spoiler it is always generic black. Can you guys get a hold of spoilers from Fly done up in the correct tampo for all the certain cars? george blta9
  4. Bump, An item that when it was made cost about .25. I know it's rare but as my Dad said, "You ca'nt take it with you". I gotta watch this one!
  5. Good looking job Vinno. I had a #9 do it to me and I repaired the original post with a plastic heli-coil. Kind of like a small plastic tube that slipped over the original post. I like your method better thou and probably far more secure!
  6. You guys gotta check out the price of the Fly T1 on e-bay. Item #5916567210. It's a Porsche 98 GT1. Really rare and the price is over $1,800 U.S. dollars. How would you like to justify that one to the misses. I once had a T6 Ferrari that was Serial #001 that I sold to some collector in N.Y> and I was nowhere near that kind of money. I guess you could use reverse psycology and show the wife this auction and show her how great an investment rare Fly cars are. There you go that will work. Jamie I saw the S100 and after seeing you as high bidder I stopped. IN RESPECT! Man if you get that car at that price you win!!!!!!!! george BRING ON THE BUNDY Funny I talk about Bundy in the store now while I race and they think I've lost it. Bundy & a vegemite! Has a good ring to it. Use to be a song about vegemite sandwiches when I was much younger: Men at work or something like that.
  7. blta9

    Not Happy, Jan

    Jim makes sense except believe me when I tell you the U.S. market is dried up of classic track. Actually there really is'nt much of a call over here for classic track. Sport track has pretty much taken over. Dave why did you start this topic anyway. It's 2 in the morning and for some reason I keep repling to this thread. I gotta get a life and hit the sack! george
  8. blta9

    Not Happy, Jan

    Dave sorry I forgot to ask you something. What the HELL is this BUNDY stuff all about???
  9. blta9

    Not Happy, Jan

    Dave Scalextric has so much going on right now I do'nt know what to tell you. I was very dissapointed in the bikes. I was'nt too thrilled with that challenger thing either and yes the pods are maybe the worst of all! Bump what 956C's are you looking for? The limited edition set? george
  10. blta9

    Not Happy, Jan

    Chris according to the U.S. distributor we are all done with classic track. We hav'nt been able to order Classic track for at least a year now. We hav'nt been able to order Nascar's for over a year now. Our current catalogue shows no classic track. Maybe there is still some for the European market. Makes no sense thou why it would'nt be imported into the U.S. Also makes no sense why they would make classic track when thier working on the digital sport set-up.
  11. blta9

    Not Happy, Jan

    Dave a lot of those web sites are nothing more than garage set-ups. No business & no inventory. You order from them and they try and track it down for you. Anybody can list anything. Does'nt mean they ever had it or ever will be able to get it. Do you guys have Scalextric dealers overthere?
  12. blta9

    Not Happy, Jan

    Dave are you looking for a hump back bridge for classic or Sport track? Some of the problem here is the distributors are ill-informed by the manufacturer so in some cases there's no way in hell the dealers know what's going on. The other problem is too many dealers take pre-orders and regular orders when they already know there is going to be a wait on the product. Here in the states we have yet to be informed of a Hump Back bridge for the Sport track. Scalextric has stopped production on Classic track so if these guys are waiting for Scalextric to ship them a Classic Hump Back Bridge then I have some swamp land here in Boston to sell them!
  13. Carrera for non-permanent. Trakmate out of Canada for a permanent set-up.
  14. blta9

    Ebay Scam

    Never answer any of that crap. There's a paypal one going around that is just as dangerous. I almost fell into the trap one day when I knew I had to get into my paypal account to pay of an auction. As I scrolled thru my e-mails there was one about limited paypal account accesibility until I up-dated my account. I was about to answer it because I was paniced about not being able to pay off the auction. Caught myself and wound up calling paypal instead to see what's up. They told me that if they write you it will always be addressed with your id not your e-mail address for what it's worth. Even if it is them it's better to let them shut you down than make an expensive mistake!
  15. blta9


    Dave have you ever seen the new painted Monogram people. Expensive but the quality is that of the old 60's mold. Also there is a train 1/32nd scale. Hard to find and a lot of it is build it yourself. All the n-o- and S stuff is either a little too big or small. You can take O scenery and use it in the distance and it is quite effective. george
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